Badminton  Crossword

Extension of the court by 1 1/2 feet on both sides for doubles play.
Area between the back boundary line and the back service line or doubles
Back third of the court, in the area of the back boundary lines
Back boundary line at each end of the court, parallel to the net.
Location in the center of the court to which a singles player tries to return after each shot.
Line perpendicular to the net that separates the left and right service courts.
Area of play, as defined by the outer boundary lines.
A fast and low shot that makes a horizontal flight over the net.
A shot hit softly and with finesse to fall rapidly and close to the net on the opposition’s side.
A violation of the playing rules, either in serving, receiving or during play
Front third of the court, between the net and the short serve line.
In singles, the back boundary line. In doubles a line 2 ½ feet inside the back boundary line. The serve may not go past this line
A series of games to determine a winner
The middle third of the court, halfway between the net and the back boundary line
Instrument used by the player to hit the shuttlecock.
Exchange of shots while the shuttle is in play
Stroke used to put the shuttlecock into play at the start of a rally
Area into which the serve must be delivered
The line 6 ½ feet from the net which a serve must reach to be legal.
Official name for the object that the layers must hit.
Badminton’s primary attacking stroke.

Tennis, anyone? Crossword

Tennis, anyone? Crossword

This is the court surface for the French Open
A ball served in bounds and untouched by the opponent's racket
Relates to the act of winning a game in which the opponent served
This is the court surface for Wimbledon
When the server has served to two serves out of bounds on the same point
A point that is played over due to some sort of interference
A serve that touches the net tape and falls into the proper square and is served over
The next point won after the score is "deuce"
Term for when the score is 40/40
The person credited for introducing tennis to the U.S.
Illegal foot movement before a service
A serve that lands out of bounds or is not served properly
Scoring term when a player wins 4 points before opponent with a min. 2 point lead
The act of hitting balls back and forth over net - Includes all shots but the serve
Scoring term: The first player to win 6 games with a min. 2-game lead
Second cue/phase of the FH/BH Volley
A ball hit sufficiently high to pass over the outstretched arm position of the net player
To hit the ball in the air before it has bounced on the court
The major tennis tournament played in New York

Volleyball - Crossword Puzzle

Volleyball - Crossword Puzzle

The players at the front court are used for offensive play while the back court is used for _________ play.
A fault, where as for example, scooping, lifting, or carrying. (Two words)
If the game goes all the way up to 5 sets, how much points is needed to win?
The _____ team to win 25 points with a two point lead wins the set.
Main responsibility is to set up the ball for players; the play maker.
Who invented volleyball?
A player playing the ball is at fault when they _____ the net.
Number of positions.
What was volleyball initially named as?
Maximum number of contact a team can have with the ball.
Was designed to be an alternative to the game of basketball.
The amount of time you must serve within before the referee's blows the whistle.
Where was volleyball invented?
A ball landing on the ________ line is considered "in".
In order to start the game after the whistle blows the ball has to be ______.
Two ways of serving are underhand serve and ________ serve.

Fun with Badminton Word Search

Fun with Badminton Word Search
Word Search

Side Line
Wood Shot

Volleyball Crossword

Volleyball  Crossword

Maximum of three hits per side, not including a ________.
A fault in which the ball comes to rest momentarily in the hands or arms.
Ball must be served within ______ seconds of the referee's whistle.
Service is lost if the ball lands out of ______ on the opposing court.
It is a fault to step over the _________.
_____ players must be in the front court and ____ in the back court when serving.
Durning the preparation of a forearm pass, players must have a wide _____ of support.
The follow through of a forearm pass should maintain ____ ready for next movement.
An underhand serve is done behind the _______.
_______ may be performed by any player in the front row.
A _____ is played best three out of five games.
The back zone of the court is mainly for ___________.
It is a ______ if player playing the ball touches the net.
A common type of hit frequently used.
Another name for an attack/hit used in volleyball.

Tennis crossword puzzle

Tennis crossword puzzle

Not a loser but a ______
Tournament played in England and on grass
Hit out of the air
Tournament played in New York and on a hard court
Makes you consistent
Best sport ever!!
Not doubles but....
Six games is equal to a ___
What shot you start the point with
What you use to hit the ball
Four of these equals one game
What the ball goes over
Game,set, _____
Another word for zero when calling our the score
The ball is in if it hits the ____
When your serve hits the net and still goes in
Backhand or a forehand are ___________
The part of the racket you hold on to
Tennis is ___
Major tournament played on clay or dirt
Not a backhand but a ________
Two people playing against two people
When the score is 40 all
The bottom of the racket
What your kiss after you swing
The line you recover to
Two Handed ________
Not the Deuce side but the __ side
When your opponent can't touch your serve

Badminton Crossword

Badminton Crossword

What you play on
A series of games
Instrument used to play
Stroke that puts game into play
What do the players pass back and forth
Hard overhead hit
A hit that cannot be returned
A point from an untouched serve
Section of the racket you hold
a shot taken very close to the next
The back boundary line of the court
Hitting with the back side of the racket
The point that decides the match winner
When two sets of people play
Section of racket with stings

Pickleball Crossword

Pickleball Crossword

The serve must be made ______________
the first serve of each side-out is made from the ______ -hand court
points are scored only by the _______ _________
games are normally played to ________ points
when the ball is served, the receiving team must let it _________ before returning
The double bounce rule ____________ the serve and volley advantage and extends rallies
the ___-________ zone is the court area within 7 feet on both sides of the net
the non-volley zone is the commonly referred as the _________
a ball contacting any line, except the non-volley zone line on a serve is consider __
a serve contacting the non-volley zone line is a ______ and a fault
a ______ is any action that stops play because of a rule violation
a fault occurs when: a ________ does not land within the confines of the receiving court
players use a ____ toss to determine who will serve first
you should start in an _______ stance
you can hit the ball forehand or __________
if the ball hits the net it switches to the ______ teams ball
if it lands ___________ the service court it is illegal
after you hit a ball you should finish in a statue of _______ stand
the serve will be served __________ to the other side
the 3rd number called out is the ______ ________

Pickleball Crossword Puzzle

Pickleball Crossword Puzzle

The ball is served so well by an opponent that it cannot be touched by his/her paddle
The end boundary line on a court (usually 22 feet from the net)
When the hitting face of the paddle is turned to the floor
A match played with 4 people (2 on each team)
A shot that is hit low to the opponent’s backcourt.
A softly hit ball that just clears the net.
This is where the player hits the ball in a scoop-like motion immediately after it has bounced on the ground.
A ball hit high enough into the air to go over the head of the net player(s)
A ball hit high enough into the air to go over the head of the net player(s)
Team wins 2 out of 3 games.
When the hitting face of the paddle is turned upward.
This is a short, quick shot typically without a significant backswing
Hitting the ball back and forth between opponents except the serve.
A match played with 2 players (1 on each team).
A backspin shot that is hit with an open face paddle.
A hard overhead shot that is hit with a closed face paddle.
To hit the ball before it bounces
The state pickleball was created in
Distance from net to edge of kitchen
Another name for the non-volley zone

Badminton Puzzle Crossword

Badminton Puzzle Crossword

what do you call a player winning a point a serve and was not touch or not return to the receiver?
this is the object that you hit with your rakit?
is it one of the basic shot used in badminton?
when the birdie crossing the net quickly?
a hard strike returned to you?
what is it called when the birdie paases over the net and land inside the opponent's court?
What is when you hit the birdie downwards from the net area?
What do you called an underarm play?
When you hit the birdie back and forward?
What is called when you start the game?
What is it called when you hit the birdie hard?
What do you hit with the birdie?
badminton can be used traced to ( ) during the 5th century BC.
In the 16th century, the game was very popular among ( ).
The first official set of rules was established in ( ).
Net height is ( ) feet.
The racket made of ( ) material like wood, plastic, or mental.
The object of the game is to ( ) back and forth over the net
When playing the game players may not touch the net with their ( ).
You can not rest or carry this ( ) on your racket.
What do you call a loss of serve?
What do you called a term of service?
When the birdie hits the net during the play and the rally can ( ).
A player may not ( ) over the net to hit the birdie.
How many point are played in a game?
what is one type of a shot?

badminton vocab Crossword

badminton vocab  Crossword

the area that runs the width of the court from doubles long sere the baseline
the spot on the court that a player returns to after every shot
the outermost end line used at all times in singles and after the serve in doubles
the line of perpendicular to the net dividing the court and separating the service squares
a high deep shot aimed at clearing the entire court and landing near baseline
the outermost sideline used at all times in double play
a shot hit hard and parallel to the floor getting the shuttle to the other side on a direct line
the hit similar to a dink in volleyball where the shuttlecock is barley hit over the net
a point is awarded after every rally no matter who served teammates must switch sides everytime they score a point
the serve must be hit underhand with contact below the waist it may touch the net as long as it lands in the correct service area and may be hit with a forehand or back hand swing
when the server steps on any of the lines while serving the result is loss of serve and a point for the other team
also known as the shuttlecock or birdie