name a type of room on a ship
what is one of the biggest tourist attraction in Paris
eiffel tower
what is the capitol of Greece
what is the front of a boat called
name a city in Italy beginning with the letter "T"
what gets washed up on a beach and is slimy
what is blue, at time smooth or rough
the ocean
name the capitol of Malta
how long does it take to fly to Rome from Toronto
eight hours
what sea does both Clovenia and algeria border
what is a trip called that a newly married couple go on after their wedding
when you think about something in your sleep, it is called this
when you are on a boat for a period of time it is called this
something given with goodness is given with
you pick up seashells from where
short form for mother and father
mum and dad
you must wear this on your head when out in the sun
if you eat a meal that you like you ? this
these are what you can never break / sell or get rid of
another word for a present

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