An individual's characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting
A method of exploring the unconscious in which the person relaxes and says whatever comes to mind
Free Association
Theory of personality that attributes thoughts and actions to unconscious motives and conflicts; the techniques used in treating psychological disorders by seeking to expose and interpret unconscious tensions
Reservoir of mostly unacceptable thoughts, wishes, feelings, and memories; information processing of which we are unaware
The part of personality that represents internalized ideals and provides standards for judgment (the conscious) and for future aspirations
The process by which children incorporate their parents' values into their developing superegos
Basic defense mechanism that banishes from consciousness anxiety-arousing thoughts, feelings, and memories
Projective test in which people express their inner feelings and interests through the stories they make up about ambiguous scenes
A lingering focus of pleasure-seeking energies at an earlier psychosexual stage, in which conflicts were unresolved
All our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, in answer to the question "who am I?"
A characteristic pattern of behavior or a disposition to feel and act, as assessed by self-report inventories and peer reports
Overestimating others' noticing and evaluating our appearance, performance, and blunders
Spotlight effect
Excessive self-love and self-absorption
Giving priority to one's own goals over group goals and defining one's identity in terms of personal attributes rather than group identifications

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