The _____ flew up to the moon and the he we super excited.
Get up the _____ is ringing help the phone is ringing.
My _____ isn’t working so may you please come help me with it.
______ is a good class but sometimes we don’t have it because we have a special.
The _____ creature is beautiful and it shines in the moonlight.
What in the ______ of Graceful, Does anyone know?
”Stay calm a ______ is on his way to come help you.
She sent me a _____ saying how nice you looked today.
I have an _____ so we can watch the stars together.
The _____ version of it in hard so I wouldn’t recommend it.
There is a ____ that every 5 years a ghost come and take a person who in the greatest person ever.
Can you hand me the _____ lens for my camera?
I wish I could have Shawn Mendes's ____.
It was an ____ dispenser, so why did you destroy it!?
This is a ____ how did this happen and why to me!
”Shh” she sent me a ______.
My ______ is a awesome thing to help me remember my past.
You are a cool ______but what do you think about me?
Is there another way or is it just the phonics way?
Turn off the ______ when you aren’t using it so you don’t waste energy.

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