He listens to ____ music every morning to start his day.
His karaoke go-to song at the NR National conference
Let Me Be Your Hero
This fur-baby volunteers at a nursing home spreading love to the elderly (hint: name of breed)
She is a master in the art of ___________________ (Hint: We need to be careful that the circus doesn't poach her from us!)
You can find her playing ___________ every Wednesday night
She will probably be the first to finish this puzzle because she loves puzzles!
Enjoys musicals
Spent 10 summers coaching girls ___________
A master chef! She'll be wiping up _________ curry and nainamo bars in the kitchen when she's stressed, bored or just feeling creative.
It's a requirement on a driver's test, but she'll drive around the block tirelessly just to avoid it!
Parallel Parking
This east coast boy was born and raised in _____________
Does not like camping or raccoons

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