This amendment abolished slavery
thirteenth amendment
This general led the Union Army
Ulysses S. Grant
This general led the Confederate Army.
Robert E. Lee
This major event in history was based on the conflicts of the North and South and the issues of slavery
US Civil War
These laws limited the civil rights of the movement to freedom.
Black Codes
An immigrant from Chile who was in the Navy.
Phillip Bazaar
The governmental plan to bring back the stated that seceded during the Civil War.
Reconstruction Era
The location where General Lee surrended to General Grant, ending the violence of the Civil War.
Appomatox Court House
The first battle of the Civil War.
Fort Sumter
Abe Lincoln's anti-slavery political party.
Northern victory that led the Union to full possesion of the Mississippi River.
Equal protection of laws and due process for all.
Fourteenth Amendment
Lincoln decided to declare the Emancipation Proclamation after the bloodiest battle.
Battle of Antietam
President of the US Civil War
Andrew Johnson
First African American to serve in Congress.
Hiram Rhodes Revel

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