Favorite Animal? Dog
Birthday Month? July
Hair Color? Blonde
My favorite Alcohol? Twisted Tea
Favorite Candy? Carmello
Age? Twenty
Favorite Drink? Dr.Pepper
Favorite Color? Yellow
Favorite Flower? Sunflower
Favorite Print? Paisley

2018-2019 PHS DANCE TEAM Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

I have more than 2 pets
I drank 3 water bottles today
I had a birthday this week
I'm wearing the color PINK
I had NO cheese today
I have been to New York
I'm a STATE CHAMP in hip hop
I have been to Europe
I have been on a boat
I own a skateboard
The letter B is in my name
I was born in another State
I ate cereal this morning
I ride the school bus
Pizza is my favorite food
I have a dog as a pet
I have on more than 4 colors
I love to run!
This is my first year dancing
I'm a freshman
My hair color is blonde
I play candy crush
My birthday is in December


Alcohol Crossword Puzzle


When someone has had so much to drink that they lose control of themselves. Drunk
The intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks, and is also used as an industrial solvent and as fuel. Alcohol
A mutual support organization for the families and friends of alcoholics, especially those of members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Al-Anon
An addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependency. Alcoholism
The habitual misuse of alcohol. Alcohol Abuse
The process of ceasing to drink. Withdrawal
An alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops. Beer
An alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice. Wine
Strong distilled liquor such as brandy, whiskey, gin, or rum. Spirit
Alcoholism can casue this type of cancer. Liver cancer
Alcohol, especially hard liquor. Booze
A deterioration in someone's state of health after a temporary improvement Relapse
Driving while under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving
A measure of how much alcohol is contained in an alcoholic beverage. Proof
A major ingredient of beer. Yeast
Weight that is gained in the abdominal region from drinking alcohol. Beer Gut
The legal age for someone to drink. Twenty-one
An alcoholic spirit of Russian origin made by distillation of rye, wheat, or potatoes. Vodka
An alcoholic liquor distilled from sugar-cane residues or molasses. Rum
A clear alcoholic spirit distilled from grain or malt and flavored with juniper berries. Gin

Luke #1 Crossword


Mom's favorite snack popcorn
My eye color blue
Papa and Gigi live in this city Wichita
Dad's job at work scientist
How many Big Dans are there eight
My Minecraft dog sparky
Candy that Nanny gives to me peppermint
Most popular animal in my room giraffe
Papa's favorite cookie oreo
Giraffe food leafcake
My first best friend quinn
Last name of my teacher powers
My "sister" Lola
One of the triplets daniel
Papa and Gigi's fat cat buddy
City I was born in Houston
My favorite game Minecraft
My New York City cousin Haley
My friend that is a triplet colin
My friend that is a twin San
My hair color blonde
How I usually get to school bike
My favorite show right now labrats
My favorite fruit canteloupe
Untamed Minecraft dog wolf
The main character of my current bedtime books percyjackson

All About Us Crossword


Your Favorite Sports Team Browns
My Favorite Sports Team Reds
Our Favorite Pet Luna
Our First Date Pollyeyes
My Favorite CLE Restaurant The Melt
My Eye Color Green
Our future Daughters Name Brooklyn
Anniversary Month September
My Middle Name Nicole
Your Middle Name Francis
State We Are Visiting This Summer North Carolina
Your Favorite Fast Food Taco Bell
My Favorite Fast Food Wendys
Your Favorite Candy Twix
My Current Favorite Movie The Greatest Showman
Our Last Name Madej
Where We Met OneFourNine
City We Met Bowling Green
Your Home City Cleveland
My Home City Cincinnati
My Birthday Month February
Your Birthday Month August
Luna's Birthday Month July
State We Are Going To Live In Ohio
My Favorite Grocery Store Meijer
Your Favorite Color Green

Paris Crossword


name paris
sport dance
sport cheer
sport softball
sport gymnastics
candy resse
city alantla
city gaffney
state Flordia
state South Carolina
age ten
birthday july
birthday date twenty-fourth
birth year two thousand five
color pink
color blue
color gold
color purple
grade fifth
print cheetah
style of dance hip hop
dance group DD4L
hair color brown
wild animal cheetah
character Hello Kitty
phone i want iphone6+
phone i have samsung s4
school i went to B.D.Lee
god sister lyric
god brother a.j
mommys name Nicky

Crucigrama Crossword


I can draw very well, and it is fun artistico
I like to play sports. atletico
I am well behaved. bueno
My room is messy so everything is not in the right place that it should be desorganizado
I got in trouble malo
I like to clean my room so that everything is in the right place organizado
My friend calls me a couch potato perezoso
My mother acts this way when I'm in trouble. serio
My neighbor is very sympathetic simpatico
My dad does gets his work done trabajador
My brothers and I are not short alto
My mom and dad are not tall bajo
His sister is not handsome bonito
Giants are very big grande
My aunt said that I was looking nice at the wedding guapo
His baby cousin is not old joven
Her sister's hair is close to the color orange pelirrojo
Henry is a stand up comedian , and the people always laugh at his good jokes comico
I am not little nor am I medium sized. pequeno
My great grandmother is not young. viejo
My hair color is a bit lighter than black. pelo castano
Many of my friends have a hair color that is close to yellow pelo rubio
I have many of these in school, and we sometimes go out to see movies amigo
She is not a boy, she is a. chica
He is not a girl, he is a. chico
There are many of us in school, and we where uniforms. estudiante
When a male teenager gets older they become. hombre
My mother is not a girl, she is a. mujer
What is the singular version of people. persona
Another word for extremely. muy
Another word for small. poco
This word is also used in slang as " cause." porque
Can be used as " we-all" in a sentence. todas

Gerard Way Crossword


What month was Gerard born in? April
Something important in The Black Parade album Marching Band
Gerard's hair color in The Black Parade Era Blonde
Something important in the Danger Days Era Killjoys
One of Gerard's comic series The Umbrella Academy
Gerard's birth state New Jersey
The rhythm guitarist in a past band Gerard was in Frank Iero
The third My Chemical Romance album The Black Parade
The fourth My Chemical Romance album Danger Days
Gerard's daughter Bandit Way
Gerard's role in My Chemical Romance Lead Vocalist
Gerard's natural hair color Brown
Gerard's hair color during Danger Days Red
One of Gerard's comic series Doom Patrol
Probably Gerard's favorite drink Coffee
Gerard's brother Mikey Way
The second My Chemical Romance album Revenge Era
Gerard's solo album Hesitant Alien
Gerard's wife LynZ Way
Gerard's eye color Hazel
Gerard's hair color during the Revenge Era Black
Gerard's height Five Foot Nine
Gerard's killjoy name Party Poison
The city where Gerard lives now Los Angeles
Gerard's close friend and lead guitarist in past band Ray Toro
Gerard's last name Way
The first My Chemical Romance Era Bullets Era
Ex-band My Chemical Romance
Himself Gerard Way
The company that publish Gerard's comics DC Comics
Gerard's Mom Donna Lee
Gerard's Dad Donald Way



Favorite Color Orange
1st Favorite College Basketball Team Indiana
2nd Favorite College Basketball Team Duke
Month of My Birthday October
Our song Let Me Love You
My Major Accounting
My 2nd Major Finance
Favorite Animal Dog
Animal that I am Allergic too Cats
Boxers or Briefs Briefs
Hometown Newburgh
High School North Posey
its on the beach
My most desired vacation Bora Bora
Favorite Sport basketball
2nd favorite sport baseball
What is my middle name? Shane
Favorite season summer
What is my favorite thing to do is_____ ____________ going outside
favorite restaraunt Bru Burger
year I graduated high school 2015
phone number 8126220270
color of my eyes hazel
favorite show flip or flop
favorite movie blow
shoe size 9
what is my moms name Twana
One place that I desperately want to visit West
Shower in the morning or night morning
nickname that family calls me that i hate pickle
my bestest friend besides youq Kendra
favorite sex position missionary

All About You Crossword


Favorite Color #1 Blue
Favorite Color #2 Red
Favorite NFL team saints
Favorite candy Gobstopper
Dream Vacation Bora Bora
Favorite number four
Favorite Show (Guy Version) Bachelor
Favorite Show (Girl Version) Bachelorette
Favorite Show (cooking) Master Chef
Favorite Food fries
Favorite thing to do eat
Favorite Show (Family Drama) Fosters
nickname sunshine
birthday month February
birthday day nineteenth
Where we hang out every Sunday Church
the school we hung out again trinity
the school you do to McDevitt
Age Sixteen
Other bachelor show Bachelor in paradise

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