Chpt .13 page 412 - Measure of amount of Solute in a given amount of solvent/solution
Chpt.15 page 460 - one that ionizes completely in aq solution
Strong Acid
Chpt.15 page 469 - species that remains after a Brønsted Lowry acid has given up a proton
Conjugate Base
Chpt.15 page 459- species formed when a Brønsted Lowry base gains a proton, that acid base
Conjugate Acid
Chpt 467 - an ion that accepts an electron pair to form a covalent bond
Lewis Acid
Chpt.15 page 464- a molecule that is a proton donor
Brønsted Lowry Acid
Chpt 17. page 512-amount of energy required to raise the temp of 1g of substance by 1degree Celsius
Specific Heat
Chpt.17 page 514- quantity of energy released or absorbed as heat during a chemical reaction
Heat of Reaction
Chpt.17 page 516 -the amount of the energy absorbed or lost by a system as heat during a process at constant pressure
Enthaply Change
Chpt.17 page 534 - minimum energy required to transform the reactants into an activated complex
Activation Energy
Chpt.17 page 540- is a substance that changes the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being permanently consumed (lowering activation energy)
Chpt.14 page 429-includes only those compounds and ions that undergo a chemical change in a reaction in a aq solution
Net Ionic Equation
Chpt.14 page 431 - ions are formed from solute molecules by the action of the solvent in this process
Chpt 14 page 430- The H30+ ion
Hydronium ion
Chpt.14 page 432- any compound whose dilute aq solutions conduct electricity well
Strong Electrolyte
Chpt.14 page 433-any compound whose dilute aq solutions conduct electricity poorly
Weak Electrolyte
Chpt.14 page 436- one that had little tendency to become a gas under conditions
Non Volitale Substance
Chpt.9 page 275 - the relations between Reactants /Products
Reaction Stoichiom.
Chpt.9 page 276- relates the amount of moles of any 2 substances
Chpt. 9 page 288- that limits the amounts of the other reactants that can combine
Limiting React
Chpt.9 page 293- measured product that can be produced from a given amount of reactant
Actual Yield
Chpt.9 page 275- the mass relations of elements
Chpt.5 page 125-the physical/ chemical properties of the elements
Periodic Law

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