the interest on one city or region
theory that a state has the right to nullify or invalidate
the _________ of Texas
the process of being set free as a slave
Jackson had already earned respect as a war hero and with his strategy to identify himself as a _________
common man
a person who is against slavery
Bleeding Kansas, and John Brown and had still been unable to be _______
persuade to do something by using force or threats
American ____________ consisted of the southern states who fought the northern states
the leader of the union
Ulysses S. Grant
the leader of the confederacy
Robert E. Lee
a state that a allows slavery
slave state
states that don't practice slavery
free state
undecided states where most of the battles happened
border states
the law that says slavery is illegal
thirteenth amendment
after the war the north and south had to start _________
the withdrawal of eleven southern states from the Union in 1860, leading to the Civil War.
John Wilkes Booth __________ Abraham Lincoln

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