This law protects the privacy of patients.
This member of the Hospice team can provide insight and suggestion from the family/community to the QAPI team.
Used to measure the quality of hospice care
The I in QAPI is _?
The website allows patients, providers, and payers to compare hospice programs is Hospice _.
Within how many days of volunteering does the VNA like for you to submit your documentation to the Volunteer Coordinator?
The P in QAPI stands for _.
Always use this color of ink when documenting your volunteer service.
The first step in a QAPI project is to _ an area of for improvement.
What does the A in QAPI represent?
What should you do if you see something that can be improved?
What is the acronym for Quality Assessment Performance Improvement?
_ associated with hospice is involved in quality assessment performance improvement.
Volunteers collect data that is used for _ measures?
Volunteers knowingly provide _ care with QAPI goals in mind.
Quality = safe, _, patient centered, timely, efficient, equitable

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