the process that occurs in a former colony when an imperial power withdraws.
a country created from a previous state.
successor state
trying to gain or keep the power to control their own affairs
all nations states that belong to the UN have _____ _____
sovereign equality
a province of the state of Serbia
had ethnic interests in Kosovo
declarations of independence are sometimes seen as a threat to the status of an established ____ ____
There is no precise definition of the term __ ____
a people
is made up of N Vietnam, S Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
The French were kicked out of Indochina during WW2 by the _________.
was the leader of the N Vietnamese Communists.
Ho Chi Minh
The Americans were afraid of communist expansion in SE Asia because of the _______ ______.
domino theory
Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge forced citizens to move to the country from the city, over 1.5 million people died.
is the spiritual and political leader of Tibet.
Dalai Lama
The______invaded Tibet in 1950.
In 2006 the Chinese completed a __________ that opened Tibet to a flood of Chinese immigration
rail road
______ is most well known for his policies for change of non-violence and non-cooperation.
Jinnah is largely responsible for the creation of East and West ______.
______ is an example of a people's desire for self-determination being lost in the decolonization and successor state process.
Is the acronym for the Assembly of First Nations.
,______ is one of four nations that did not sign the UN's Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People's.
No international principles govern what happens when a people's right to pursue self-determination conflicts with a nation-state's right to ______.
The Inuit and the government of Canada reached an agreement and created the _________ Land Claims Agreement in 1999.
____people gained constitutional recognition in 1982 after many years of struggle and eventual recognition in the Alberta.
First Nations and the _____ often clash over their respective ideas of self-determination and sovereignty from Canada.
______ are often an unintended consequence of the pursuit of self-determination.
_____ ______ often neighbors, sometimes have big problems themselves and large sudden influxes of large groups of people cause great stress for all concerned.
Host countries

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