The circulatory system is made up of the heart, blood, and blood _______.
The _____ pumps the blood through the blood vessels to the cells.
For cells to function properly, the blood carries food, ______, and other substances.
The circulatory system supplies oxygen, food, and ________ to the cells.
The circulatory system helps control body ___________.
It also removes the _____ products from cells.
___ exercises are important for residents who cannot get out of bed.
With a BP consistently 140/90 or higher, a person is diagnosed with ____________, or high blood pressure.
Hypertension may be caused by _________ and hardening of the blood vessels.
_________ are a type of medication that reduces fluid in the body.
Hypertension can lead to a heart attack, ___, blindness, or kidney disease.
________ artery disease occurs when the blood vessels in the coronary arteries narrow.
______________ happens when the heart does not get enough oxygen.
angina pectoris
____ is extremely important for the blood flow to return to normal.
A myocardial infraction (heart attack) occurs when the blood flow to the heart muscle is _______.
While recovering from a heart attack, residents may need to avoid ____ temperatures.
__________ heart failure happens when one or both sides of the heart quits pumping blood properly.
Blood backs up into the lungs when the ____ side of the heart is affected.
Blood backs up into the abdomen, feet, or legs when the _____ side of the heart is affected.
When the legs, feet, arms, or hands do not have enough blood circulation, it is call peripheral ________ disease (PVD)
Smoking, ________, inactivity, obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol are all risk factors for PVD.

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