Name of HS secretary according to M&E
Name of the movie that Michele and Eva saw and almost got kicked out becasuse they were laughting too hard.
Children of the Corn
Title of Movie seen when M&E almost had to walk home because someone would not hold someone's hand. Why?
Concert seen on Spring Break
Who killed a deer with her car?
Name of M&E "date program"
Who would say "Ahhh, let me see, ahhhh."
The best door.
Terri's nickname
Kelly's nickname
Who ate donuts?
What did Mr. Gorney call Eva sometimes?
Who awarded M&E first place" for the costume contest?
Father Skibbie
Brand of toilet paper used to toilet paper cars.
Who had a nice tail? Both of them.
FBLA President
Who learned to say "Really" after hanging out with M&E?
What did the PCP guy say to Tony down by the pool? The guy that had his first "Bud" and told us to get out of his laundry room.
According to Eva, what teacher did not like her?
Mrs German
According to Michele, what teacher did not like her?
Mrs Gallespie
What makes Michele faint?
Club innitials M&E belonged to and meeting were Thursday night at Mr. Baker's house?
Where we went to get scared but probably just laughted.
Grave yard
Brand of jeans that had a horse.
Favorite brand of jeans your senior year.
Ron Phillips's nickname
Who was hired at K.C. HiLites Instead of Michele?
Mike Cox
Where did we eat lunch most of time at away sporting events?
The Gorney's RV
Our class Salutatorian?
Becky Glaab
Whose house did we take refuge in after getting caught toilet paperin' cow's car?
Lucy Sandoval
Name of the teacher and class that Eva remembers first getting to know Michele.
Mr Bonesack Science
Name of the video that many went to the KOA - Gorney's house to watch?
Name of Michele's car.
Blue Moon
While driving Tony's "The Family Car", there would be smoke pluming from the exhaust. What would M&E say in unison as people would stop them to warn them?
Yeah, We Know!
The location of the first place you almost died?
Verde Valley
Michele would say the following when her Grandparents would pick her up in their car "Great now I'm going to smell like _____"

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