Dr. Martin Luther King Crossword

who gave the " I have a dream" speech?
where was the "I Have a Dream " speech?
where was Martin Luther King jr. born ?
What were Martin Luther king dreams?
What state did Martin Luther king jr live in
How long did "I Have a Dream" speech last
when was Martin Luther Kings speech?
when was Martin Luther King assassinated?
when is Martin Luther King day (month)?
How old was Martin luther king when he got his nobel peace prize?
How many kids did Martin Luther king have?
Who assassinated Martin Luther King?
what college did Martin Luther King go to?
what university did Martin Luther King go to?
How many brothers and sisters did Martin Luther king have?

Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search

Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search
Word Search

national holiday
I have a dream
Civil rights

Civil Rights Movement Crossword

Civil Rights Movement Crossword

What college did Martin Luther King graduate from?
What is the name of the preacher-led group of southern activists?
Who ordered that all buses and train terminals be desegregated by November 1,1961?
What bill was signed into law and was known as the "segregation ending bill"?
What award did Martin Luther King get in 1964?
What former member of the Nation of Islam was assassinated during his speech?
Whoo stood in the doorway of the Univ. of Alabama to stop blacks from entering?
Who was the main recruiter for the NAACP?
Who was the black leader to command the "Back to Africa" movement?
Who is Cassius Clay?
Who is the teacher/journalist who launched an anti-lynching crusade?
Where is Little Rock?
Who is John F Kennedy?
How many children did Martin Luther King have?
Who is known as the "conductor" of the Underground Railroad?
Whos is known to be the "Littlest Soldier"?
What President followed President Kennedy?
What city was considered the most "segregated city in America"?
Who refused to give her bus seat to another after a long day of work?
What is the short name for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People?

Martin Luther King Jr Crossword

Martin Luther King Jr Crossword

Dr. King was a great ____________.
He wanted all laws to be
He made many famous
He was a Baptist
He led many for equality, justice and freedom for all people
He wanted
He lived in
He went to many times
He won the peace prize in l964.
His wife was named
He was born the month of
He led the famous march know as
He believed in _________not violence.
He was murder at the Lorraine
He rallied for __________rights of Black Americans.
Whenever people gathered for a peaceful demonstration many _______broke out.
Martin Luther King was ________________in 1968.
He wanted equal _________for all people.
Martin Luther King had four_________________.
Andrew __________was one of his followers.
John ___________was a young man when he joined in the movement for civil rights.
Martin Luther King was __________ as were many other civil rights workers during this time.
The marchers faced ___________by law enforcement officers during their fight for freedom.
Dr. King died the month of _____________.
Dr. King and his wife Coretta both attended __________University.

MLK Word Search

MLK Word Search
Word Search

Martin Luther King Jr.
Coretta Scott King
African American
Washington DC
Civil Rights

Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search

Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Word Search
Word Search

march on washington
boston university
nobel peace prize
baptist minister
lorraine motel
i had a dream
civil rights

Civil Rights Movement Crossword

Civil Rights Movement Crossword

What set of segregation laws were created in 1870?
Martin Luther King Jr's speech was titled _____________.
200,000 African Americans gather on _______________________ for the March on Washington.
The Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted until the ________ of Rosa Parks.
Who sued the School Board because their child was denied admittance to an all white school?
Who signed the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968?
What created the idea of "separate, but equal?"
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Who broke the color barrier in major league baseball?
(Bonus) What team was Jackie Robinson signed to?

SS8H11 Crossword

SS8H11 Crossword

Also called the three governors controversy. Due to the death of the 1946 governor's race winner Eugene Talmage and recent changes to Georgia's constitution , Three men had a legitimate claim to the office; The matter was settled by the Supreme Court in a special election in 1948.
Controversial flag that flew over Georgia from 1956-2001. The flag was controversial due to the flag's prominent Confederate Battle emblem.
Congressman; mayor of Atlanta; United Nations Ambassador; first African-American congressman since Reconstruction
(1894-1984)- president of Morehouse College and mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; believed in peaceful protest
(1954)- Supreme Court case that mandated the desegregation of public schools
legislation written by JFK, but signed into law by Lyndon Johnson; outlawed segregation
Governor of Georgia for one term; defeated Eugene Talmadge to become the youngest governor of Georgia; ended up losing to Eugene Talmadge in his quest for reelection due to his progressive moves such as eliminating the white primary and repealing the poll tax
(1913-2002)-segregationist Georgia governor and US senator; son of governor Eugene Talmadge
mayor of Atlanta; brought major league sports teams to Atlanta; helped desegregate Atlanta's city hall
Governor of Georgia; white-supremacist; chased African-Americans from his restaurant with a shot gun; ended up appointing more African-Americans to government positions than all other governors before him
(1929-1968)- important civil rights leader; winner of the Nobel Peace Prize; gave his "I have a dream" speech at the March on Washington
First African-American mayor of a major southern city; expanded Atlanta's airport; worked to bring the Olympics to Atlanta; helped minorities gain equality in Atlanta

Martin Luther King Jr. Facts Crossword

Martin Luther King Jr. Facts Crossword

Where was MLK born?
What was MLK's mother's name?
Was the youngest person to receive what award?
How many books did MLK publish from 1958-1968?
How many children did MLK have?
What was MLK's birth name (first only)?
At what age did MLK enter college?
Where was MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech held?
Over 1000 _____ were named after MLK
What month is MLK's birthday in?
Which president signed a bill declaring MLK day a holiday?
What was MLK's job?
Was the most visible spokesperson and leader in what movement?
What boycott did MLK help lead with Rosa Parks?

Martin Luther King Jr. Crossword Puzzle

Martin Luther King Jr. Crossword Puzzle

Famous speech given by Martin Luther King?
Assassinated here on April 4th 1968?
Where was Martin Luther born?
Before getting involved in the Civil Rights Movement, what was his job?
What was the first major Civil Rights action that Martin Luther King, Jr. led?
How was Martin Luther King assassinated?
Who assassinated Martin Luther King Jr?
How was segregation enforced in the North?
Where was Rosa Parks arrested?
What is boycotting?
Who was his main influence?
What prize was Martin Luther King Jr awarded

Martin Luther King, Jr Worksheet

Martin Luther King, Jr Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

Who was a great civil rights leader?
How long did African Americans boycotted, or refused to use, public buses in the Alabama city?
What does it mean to be segregated? separated by race
When King was older, what did he worked to change?
In what year did Martin Luther King, Jr.King led the famous Montgomery bus boycott
What was the name of Martin Luther King, Jr's speech delivered in 1963?
What was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream for all people?
all people be treated fairly and
Where was King born?
When was King assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee?
What is another word for assassinated?