Part of a 100
Percent increase,the amount added to the total given to the waiter
The amount subtracted from the total
A paycheck that is based on a percent of what is sold
Added to the total bill and given to the government
An equation which states two ratios are equivalent
The base , starting amount for invested money
Used when a word problem has increase,mark up,tax and etc.
percent of increase
When a word problem asks for how much money after ; tip,tax and etc.
percent of change
Become or make greater in size , amount
To become smaller or fewer in size and amount
A tip or gift given for a service provided , added above bill
money charged for borrowing money
the money left after expensives have been subtracted from income
The item with the lowest unit price
better buy
Gives price item
Unit price
The price of a product after the discount
sales price
The amount of money generated when good are sold
the starting or regular price
original price

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