Began in England i the 1700s;change from making goods by hand to making them by machine in factories
Industrial Revolution
A method of production that brought many workers and machines together into one buildingl
Land,labor and capital; the three groups of resources that are used to make all goods and
Factors of Production
Process of industrial development in which countries change from producing basic, primary goods to using modern factories for mass-producing goods.
In the 1600s, lords began fencing off the common land on their manors; this caused a population shift of peasants moving into cities
Movement of people from rural areas to cities
A social class made up of skilled workers, professional, business people, and wealthy farmers; the bourgeoisie
Middle Class
A person who starts up and takes on the risk of a business
A system in which society, usually in the form of the government, owns and controls the factors fo production.
All or most of the factors of production are owned by individuals, not the government, and operated for profit
A political system in which the government owns all property and dominates all aspects of life in a country.
Rulers treating the people they control as if they were children, providing for their needs, but not giving them rights.
When a strong nation dominates other countries politically, socially, and economically.
Belief that one race is better than another
The belied that only the fittest survive in human political and econimic struggle; justifies imperialism and gap between the rich and the poor.
Social Darwinism
Area in which a foreign nation controlled trade and investment. Allowed open trade within China, Germany, Britain, France, Russia, and Japan could all trade within China, going into each countries specific trading area.
Sphere of influence
Taking a land for its location or products
Addition of new territory to an existing country
A policy proposed by the US in 1899, under which ALL nations would have equal opportunities to trade.
Open Door Policy
1839-1842. Chinese attempted to stop the opium trade; British declared war against China and won. Treaty of Nanjing: agreed to open 5 ports to British trade, limit tariffs on British goods, and gave the British Hong Kong.
Opium War
A 1904-1905 conflict between Russia and Japan, sparked by the two countries efforts to dominate Manchuria and Korea; Japan won.
Russo-Japanese War
A1900 revolt in China, aimed at ending foreign influence; peasants, resenting special privileges for foreigners and Chines Christians, who were protected by foreign missionaries, formed a secret organization called the Society of Harmonious Fists (AKA the Boxers). This was the name for their campaign against the Dowager Empress's rule and foreigner privilege. They surrounded the European section of Beijing and kept it under siege for several months.
Boxer Rebellion
Prussion prime minister; he led the unification of Germany and the creation of the German empire.
Otto Von Bismark

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