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Parts of an Ecosystem Crossword

Parts of an Ecosystem Crossword

all living and nonliving things in an environment and their interactions with each other
all the members of a species living in a specific area
bigger than an ecosystem and classified by its physical factors like temperature, snow, and rainfall, a biome is a naturally occurring habitat (examples: forest, desert, tundra)
different populations interacting with one another in an ecosystem
nonliving parts of an ecosystem
living parts of an ecosystem
any animal that eats plants or any other plant eating animal
any plant or algae that produces oxygen and food that animals need
any organism that breaks down plants and animals
An animal that eats plants
an animal that eats other animals
an animal that eats both plants and animals
the path of energy of food from one organism to another
the overlapping of food chains in an ecosystem
the study of how living things and nonliving things interact with each other

Week 10 Crossword


What are building blocks to help animals to grow and develop their bodies
Must eat food to get new matter and energy for their bodies.
When you connect all the food chains in an ecosystem.
Includes all of the connections between organisms and their environment.
Things that need food, air, water, shelter, and sunlight
The one connection all ecosystems share
Breaking food into smaller pieces, so it can become fuel for their bodies
Animals that eat only plants
Amimals that eat other animals
Animals that eat both plants and animals
Make their own food
The process through which plants make their own food
eat dead and decayind organic matter
matter that is or was alive



Dwarf Chameleons are primarily ________________.
Dwarf Chameleons are able to change colour to ________________.
Dwarf Chameleons __________ is twice the length of its body.
Dwarf Chameleons characteristic ________ makes it look like leaves to predators.
Dwarf Chameleon is good for the __________ because the eat insects and invertebrates.
The Aardvark’s favorite food source is __________.
The Aardvark lives in long and intricate ____________.
The Aardvark ________ to get its food.
The Aardvark rarely drinks water and gets most of its __________ from the insects they eat
The Aardvark has more _________ lobes than any other mammal.
The Knysna Seahorse can only be found living in three _________.
The Knysna Seahorse lives in areas of high __________.
The Knysna Seahorse feeds on small fish and __________.
Seahorses have lived in the ocean for around 40 _________ years.
The Knysna Seahorse ________ carries the babies.

Food Chain Crossword Puzzle


eats another animal or plant.
gets eaten, but sometimes eats other stuff
predator and prey in a line or web of what they eat
animal(s) that might be extint soon
a living creature on earth but it isnt a human
something beings do to survive
gives us air to breath
eats animals killed by other animals
opposite of vegetarian
any green plant

Cell Energy Crossword


Atom used to build the mass of a plant
Plants get the majority of their mass from the
Sweating is an example of an animal adaption to changes in their environment, or
Photo (in photosynthesis) means
Plants absorb this out of the air to do photosynthesis
Plants absorb this in their roots
Stored energy in plants
Waste gas released from plants
The ingredients in a reaction
What is made from a reaction
Occurs in both plants and animals
Photosynthesis and cellular respiration follow the Law of Conservation of Mass (T/F)
Waste gas released from animals
Chemical form of glucose
Animals release this waste molecule of cellular respiration in the form of urine.
Plants and animals use this from the air to do cellular respiration
Useable energy for plants and animals
The process in which animals break down food to get energy

Photosynthesis Crossword


The green pigment in plants that captures radiant energy
The process by which plants use energy from sunlight to produce glucose
Glucose is stored as ...
A small pore on the surfaces of leaves that regulate the flow of gases in and out of the leaf.
The gas produced as a result of photosynthesis
Part of the plant where photosynthesis generally occurs
The radiant energy is used to combine water and ...
Oxygen is used in plants and animals during ...
Water is absorbed by the ...
Glucose provides this type of energy to plants and other organisms

Biology - Keywords DNA Crossword


a microscopic gene-carrying body in the nucleus of a cell
The material inside the nucleus of cells, carrying the genetic information of a living being
inherited characteristics from parents and grandparents
a basic unit of living matter
the core of a cell
Genetic information that determines an organism's characteristics
Living entity, eg animals, plants or microorganisms.
A type of cell division which produces daughter cells identical to the parent.
The shape of the DNA molecule, with two strands twisted together in a spiral.
-the means by which DNA and RNA molecules carry genetic information in living cells
it acts as a messenger carrying instructions from DNA for controlling the synthesis of proteins

Unit 2.4 Review: Plants Reproduction & Growth Crossword

Unit 2.4 Review: Plants Reproduction & Growth Crossword

yellow, orange, brown powder that contains plant sperm
the process that occures when pollen grains land on a female reproductive structure of a plant that is the same species as the pollen grain
the way an organism reacts to other organisms or to its environment
the growth of a plant toward or away from light
the response of a plant to touch
the response of a plant to gravity
building where seeds and seedlings can germinate and mature
male plant's sex organ
female plant's sex organ
the part of the plant where pollen is produced
the part of a female plant that holds the eggs
if pollen (sperm) fertilize the eggs of a flower, they develop into this
asexual way plants like mushrooms reproduce
roots, stem, leaves, and flowers are all ______ of a plant
the reproductive structure of a plant
the ability of an organism to make more of its own kind
where do plants get their leaf shape and flower color from
________factors affect how a plant will grow
the process of a plant starting to grow

Cell Crossword (Choice Board Project)


in 1675 he was the first person to observe
permeable boundary between the cell and the external
proteins made by the rough ER travel to the Golgi in sacks
biggest cell
smallest cell
degrade hydrogen peroxide and toxic compound that can be produced during metabolism
storage center of the cells DNA
converts energy stored in food into energy for work
gives temporary storage wastes water and nutrients
receives proteins from the rER and the distributes them to other organelles
plays a major role in mitosis
a support system for organelles, maintains cell shapes
the location of proteins synthesis
which piece of technology was instrumental in the development of the cell theory
boundary that surrounds the plant cell outside of the membrane
is involed in the synthesis of lipids and is not covered with ribosomes
intracellular highway
makes large amounts of proteins and covered in ribosomes
breaks down food particles
living things are made up of one or more (blank)
contains salt minerals and organic molecules
is chloroplasts in animal cells? (yes or no)
which scientist found that all plants are made of cells
are vacuoles larger in plant or animal cells?
the cell membrane is also called....

Over Fishing Crossword


The maxium amount of fish that can be taken from an ecosystem without harm
Net that catches the least amount of bycatch
The fish that are caught by accident
The agency that monitors the amount of fish caught
If fish lower on the food chain get overfished the population of organisms at the top of the food chain will _________
The FOA believes _______ of the oceans fish population is depleted
When fish are caught at a rate faster than ecosystems can recover
The harvesting of seafood for food to make a profit
The gathering of certain sea life in order to produce products
How many tons of stock are caught and discarded every year
A technique where a net is dragged through the water
When a wall of netting is used to circle a group of fish
A straight line of netting placed on the ocean floor with weights
Scientist believe that in order to reduce overfishing there needs to be harsher ______
seafood counts for _____ of the worlds food needs