Reformer in France who treated patients humanely and had a significant impact on treatment of mental disorders.
Extreme inattention hyperactivity and impulsivity.
Symptoms that are missing a patient with schizophrenia that are there in a normal person (-).
Negative Symptoms
Disturbed perception, typically auditory, could be visual, taste, or touch.
Diagnosed with depression risk is greatest with patients rebounding or coming out of depression.
Look for a physical cause and biological treatment or cure
Medical Model
Additional symptoms that are not present in a normal person (+).
Positive Symtoms
Reference book that describes the symptoms of everything currently considered to be a psychological disorder
Category of psychological disorders including the diagnosis for specific phobia, GAD, OCD.
Anxiety Disorders
Intense unwarranted fear of a situation or object such as claustrophobia or arachnophobia
Specific phobia
Fear of open, public spaces
Fear of a situation in which one could embarrass oneself in public, such as when eating in a restaurant or giving a lecture
Social phobia
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Occurs when a person manifests a psychological problem through a physiological symptom
Somatoform Disorders
Condition wherein a person has frequent physical complaints for which medical doctors are unable to locate the cause
Condition wherein a person will report the existence of a sever physical problem, such as paralysis or blindness, and will, in fact, be unable to move their arms or see
Conversion Disorder