Who are the first two characters to appear in the story?
Ralph and Piggy
Who is elected chief?
What do Ralph and Piggy find in a small lagoon?
The Conch
Who is the Author of The Novel
William Golding
How did they arrive to the island?
Plane Crash
How old is Ralph?
what were the names of the twins?
Sam and Eric
What do the boys use to start a fire?
Piggy's Glasses
Who is the only child still helping Ralph?
What does Jack say he would love to do before the boys get rescued?
Kill a Pig
What generic title is given to the smaller boys on the island?
What two boys are tending the fire and believe they see the beast?
Sam and Eric
What animal does the author compare the parachutist to?
What gift does Jack and his hunters leave for the beast?
A Pigs Head
How did Simon get blood on his face?