Where staff meet when we have to evacuate the store.
Muster Station
Avoiding injuries at the workplace through proper_____
Sheet used for information on product usage and spillage is known as _____
What do you page in case of a fire?
Code 22F
The practice of following certain rules and procedures to prevent the contamination of food.
Food Sanitation
It is a comprehensive plan for providing information on the safe use of hazardous materials in the workplace.
______ is an area of concern with the health, safety and welfare of people in the workplace.
_______ refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, gloves or other garments and equipment designed to protect the employees body from injury.
What must you wear anytime you do work outside?
Reflective Vest
This should always be used when cutting product in departments.
Kevlar Glove
This must be done to ensure employee safety when cleaning or repairing a piece of equipment.
This form must always be filled out when there is any injury in the workplace.
Incident Report
Only _____ that limit blade extensions, are to be used to open boxes/strapping.
Case Cutter
Under no circumstances should these be blocked.
Emergency Exits
All _____must be placed on sturdy wooden pallets and stored individually.
Cardboard boxes
All areas of the store are clear and free of _____.

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