The name of the city
City of Ember
The name of the character who switched to go and work at the Pipeworks
The name of the main character who wanted to be a messenger
The name of a good friend of the messenger girl who works at a greenhouse
Outside the boundaries of the city where there is no light what so ever
Unknown Region
The name of the baby sister of the messenger girl
the main source of light and the most important thing in the city
The main source of the power or electricity
The title of the most powerful person in the city
The name of the people who deliver messages
The name of the oldest family member of the Messenger girl
The name of a street in the city (First word is Greystone)
Greystone street
The name of another street (First word is Quillium)
Quillium Square
The name of another street (First word is Cloving)
Cloving street
The name of the gathering place where people talk to the most powerful person in the city
Gathering Hall
The head officer or captain of the messengers (Hint: the answer is Captain then there last name)
Captain Fleery
The name of another street (The first word is Garn)
Garn Square
The name of the group of people who are always smiling and singing, smiling, and playing music in a circle in the middle of the streets
The name of the Messenger girl's 4th grade teacher (have to add a period after Mr, Ms, or Mrs)
The name of the man who sent the message to the most powerful person in the city