The soft layer of the mantle, where the lithosphere floats.
Records the seismic waves of an earthquake, produced by a seismograph.
The process of oceanic crust sinking beneath a deep-ocean trench.
A layer of hot, solid material between the crust and the core.
Occurs naturally, an inorganic solid with a crystal structure.
Made of molten iron and nickel, surrounds Earth's inner core.
outer core
Two plates move past each other in opposite directions.
transform boundary
A section of the lithosphere, carries continental and oceanic crust.
A break in Earth's crust, where rocks slip past each other.
Name of the landmass of all combined continents long ago.
The uppermost part of the mantle and crust.
A process where water and wind loosen and carrry rock fragments.
Found in continental crust, a light-colored igneous rock.
A dark, dense rock found in oceanic crust.
A layer of rock that forms the surface of Earth.
A hypothesis that the continents move slowly across Earth's surface.
continental drift
Forms from an existing rock changed by heat, pressure, or chemical reactions.
metamorphic rock
When sediment settles out of the wind or water carrying it.
Stress that squeezes a rock until it folds or breaks.
Forms where two plates move apart.
rift valley

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