Laws that help with licenses and registration ect.
Administration law
Signal that tells you if you should stop,slow down or depend on light
traffic signal
A electronic or engine system in cars
The movement that you feel when left-right turn
An object hitting a other object with force
A process that is about understanding persevere
Giving meaning
The keep your vehicle in a smooth to a place
Weight and speed
A lane that has 2-more people
High occupancy vehicle
Object in motion stays in motion and a object in rest stays in rest
Newtons 3rd law
Law that you can drive with a certain amount of alcohol
Illegal perselaw
A sign to guide and direct drivers
First gets there they get first pick
Right of way
A road that is higher that the side eges
Crowned road
The friction between a vehicle tires and the road
To shift lower
Down shift
The force that pulls objects towards that earth
A traffic circle that helps traffic
To gather information a use good judgement
Judgement call
Roadway that is big enough to move safety at anytime
Area of safety
To see clearly
Visual acuity
Seeing The Benefits of driving and what it actually costs
Cost-benefit ratio
When you can move either direction and move left
Shared left turn
Gears that from parts carry power from the engine to the driving axle
The vehicle amount to the amount of time it takes to sto
A four-leaf clover
Clover interchange
Looking at the driving scenario