State Senator
William Ligon
State Representative
Alex Atwood
Mayor of Brunswick
Cornell Harvey
Glynn County Commission Chairman
Richard Strickland
Glynn County Commissioner
Dale Provenzano
Governor of Georgia
Nathan Deal
Brunswick City Commissioner
Julie martin
What a law is called before it is signed
What the Governor can do when it does not approve of legislation
Another name for a city
State Court Judge
Bart Altman
Superior Court Judge
Stephen Kelley
Document that establishes a city
Brunswick's Police Chief
Matt Doering
An important responsibility of all citizens
A person under the age of 17
Capital of the state of Georgia
Document that provides the framework of the government
Type of government with power divided between the nation and the state
The way that the government obtains money
Branch of government that interprets laws
Branch of government that enforces the law
Another word for two houses

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