I am not powered by alternating current I am powered by this type of current
I control the amount of pressure leaving the gas tank
I can be attached to the workpiece or more commonly the work table and am necessary to complete the electrical MIG welding circuit
Return Clamp
I transfer the filler consumable from the spool through to the torch
Unit Wire Feed
I am the invisible consumable in the system, and can be found in the tank. I help maintain the arc and protect the weld profile from contaminants.
Shielding Gas
I am the filler consumable which forms the weld profile
Wire on Spool
I am the most handled piece of equipment and am controlled with a trigger button - I control the amount of filler wire coming through to the weld workpiece
Electrode torch
I contain all the circuitry within the weld machine
In an electrical circuit I would be the red coloured wire
electrode positive lead
In an electrical circuit I would be the black coloured wire