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Yellow Grop Crossword

Yellow Grop Crossword

to smile widely
brought, brought
fall or let fall in drops; shed drops; N: action or sound of falling in drops; liquid that falls in drops
to broil over hot coals or to fry on a griddle
an action that is meant to deceive someone
to take a liquid into your mouth and swallow it
a block of hard material used in building
a bed with high sides for a baby
after second
a piece of clothing for the upper body that has sleeves and usually a collar and buttons down the front
any substance that makes something dirty, for example dust, soil or
bird An endothermic vertebrate that is covered in feathers, breathes through lungs and lays hard-shelled eggs
to lie along the edge of; to pass nearby or around, rather than through
female child
to give someone a job
king the jungle

Marie Curie Crossword


Which element did she discover first?
What element did she discover second?
Why did she pass away?
Where is she from?
Marie Curie is the first woman to earn a _____ _____.
How many Nobel Prizes did she win?
What is her job?
Marie Curie is the first woman to ________ from France.
She created the movable _-___ units.
Where was her invention used?

The Puzzling Charboneau's Crossword


This is Bostyn's last year in ______. She says she loves her teacher (me), her friends, and learning.
Myles loves going to his _____ class; learning to jump, run, and roll. His favorite is when they get to climb the rope to the ceiling.
Angel is ______ and due at the end of May.
Joey has been working at the site for _____ years. He is a chemist and works long and hard.
Myles' favorite things about 1st grade are his teacher and _____.
Bostyn loves her ______ class. She insists on always having her hair in a bun for her class.
Angel served as Relief Society secretary for only 6 months, and has recently been called to be ______ president.
Joey worked hard on our yard this _____. He removed/added fences, built a chicken coop, a green house and more.
Myles and Bostyn are both in kids' _____. After Bostyn's first concert, Myles was inspired by the music and wanted to join her. It makes a Mama's heart proud to see her kids up there singing their hearts out.
We love you all and hope you have a very merry ______, as we reflect on the birth of our Savior.

Nina Simone Crossword


That's her last name
what was her nationality?
her real name was...
1933 was the year she was ...
2003 was the year she ...
What were the 3 types of music she sang?
What instrument did she play?
when she was a little girl she sang in a church ...
she studied ... music at a prestigious school
she took part in the Civil Right Movement so, she was an ...
she played an instrument, so she was a ...
she wrote her own songs so she was a ...
she sang songs, so she was a ...
this terrible period meant the separation of Black and White people in public places, it was called ...
it's the title of the song she wrote after the bombing of a church where 4 little girls died
that's the colour of her skin

Homophones Crossword


something that you use to get from one story in a house to another story
the homophone to stair
something that sticks to your head
a type of rabbit
"The let's wait with them until _ _ _ _ _ owner comes." she said
"Look over _ _ _ _ _!" the girl exclaimed
"The assignment is _ _ _ tommorow"
"Look at the morning _ _ _!"
a type of cooking ingredient that feels like powder
a plant that is pretty and put in a vase
separate or cause to separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain
a device for slowing or stopping a moving vehicle
a household item that is framed on a wall
a large jug.

Unit 5 AB Review Crossword


Because of his often failure to express agreement, Taiten gets himself into compromising situations
Because of his often courteous behavior and mannerly conduct, Jonathan has a reputation of being a knightly young man.
Often providing mercy in the form of pencils, Tiana should be deemed a saint due to the number of pencils she has lent Brian.
Mackenzie, though she is very reserved, has begun to open up, talk on occasions, and even have a cup of coffee.
Due to their little and loud differences, Kephon often argues with Michael, who in turn argues with Isaac.
Because of their refusal to yield to poor grades, Trinity, Shania, Kenzi, and a several others have worked really hard.
While very intelligent, Melissa often enters the classroom in a slow and heavy manner; she's typically a lot better after coffee.
Because of their neglectful mannerisms at times, Landon, Jason, Alphonso have to ask others to repeat classroom instructions.
Because of its intent to create integrity and character in students, ROTC is a perfect fit for both Jordan and Michael.
Be careful not to cross Amelia; though she is smart and kind, she can be full of malice when crossed the wrong way, ask Mason.
Due to an unselfish concern for helping each other, Makayla and Tiana have both increased their averages in English II.
Emma and Daisy help each other out during class work; this is a really good act for both girls as it helps them both.
Bryan's intelligence is often thwarted due to an inadequate supply of pencils.
Even though he can be scary at times, Kephon did at least make a start at a free style in class; his counterpart -- shameful...
Due to a superficial manner of writing, journaling became easy for Austin, an error he has since corrected.
Kenzi has worked very hard at writing this year; her chunks are often free from error and dependable.
When I inquired about Carla's unusual piercing, she replied that it did not cause too much of a sharp sensation.
Haylie typically carries a very calm demeanor, until she hears something that stirs her opinion.
Though it can be difficult, each of us should seek to avoid aggressive and destructive comments towards one another.
I have come to know Jennifer is very sincere young lady since she has been in my class.

Hannah Lux Davis Director Crossword Puzzle


What state did Hannah grow up in ?
What was Hannah diagnosed with that hindered her ability to read and write ?
At What age did she attend New York Film Academy ?
Along with directing, what is another career Hannah attended school for (four months)?
At What age did she move to L.A. ?
How much is Hannahs net worth? ______ Million.
How old is she now (in 2021) ?
Who did Hannah work with that greatly influenced her?
Other Artist Hannah has worked with?
Hannah has multiple or few skills? (pick one)

Romeo and Juliet: Act 3 Crossword


Tybalt calls Romeo a ______
The first person to die in the fight in Scene 1
The second person to die in the fight in Scene 1
Romeo is exiled by The ______
Juliet gives Nurse a ____ for her to take to Romeo
Romeo will go to this city in exile
Capulet promises _____ he will marry Juliet on Thursday
Juliet claims this bird is singing and thus it is not yet morning
Her _____ also urges Juliet to marry Paris

Weather Crossword Puzzle


pellets of frozen rain which fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds.
Stratus clouds are flat clouds that form in low altitudes.
Cumulus clouds are the puffy clouds that look like puffs of cotton.
Wispy and feathery cirrus clouds are formed in high wind conditions in the upper atmosphere.
a device that measures temperature
- a tool that measures air pressure
a tool that measures wind speed and air pressure
a tool that shows which way the wind is blowing (North, East, South, West)
a tool that collects water falling on it and records the change over time in the rainfall depth
a tool that measures humidity by taking both a wet-bulb and a dry-bulb temperature reading
the process by which heat or electricity is directly transmitted through a substance
the movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less dense material to rise
the state of the atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness
pellets of frozen rain which fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds.
water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer.
a form of precipitation consisting of ice pellets, often mixed with rain or snow.

Attachment Recap Crossword

Attachment Recap Crossword

The first stage of attachment according to Schaffer
The third stage of attachment in accordance to Schaffer
A description of how two people interact, both baby and mother interact
Mother and infant reflect both the actions and emotion of the other and do this in a co-ordinated way.
an emotional bond between two people that endures overtime
The fourth stage of attachment in accordance to Schaffer
The second state of attachment in accordance to Schaffer
A study that lacks a clear cause and effect relationship within a study
something within a study that can impact the outcome of the study
a cue from the research situation that may be interpreted by participants as revealing the purpose of the study