weak spot in Earth's crust where magma comes to the surface
mixture of molten rock-forming substances, gases, and water
magam when it reaches Earth's surface
major belt of volcanoes that rim the Pacific Ocean
Ring Of Fire
string of volvanoes that form as a result of one oceanic plate going on top of another
island arc
area where material from Earth's mantle risesz to the crust and melts to form magma
Hot Spot
pocket beneath a volcano where magma collects
magma chamber
long tube in a volcano that magma moves through
area where molten rock and gas leave the volcano
spread of lava as it pours out of a vent
lava flow
bowl-shaped area that can form at the top of a volcano around it's main vent
material found in magma that forms from oxygen and silicon
micture of hot gases, ash, cinders, and bombs that flow out of a volcano when it erupts explosively
pyroclastic flow
volcano that scientists expect to awaken in the future and become active
volcano that is unlikely to erupt ever again
hole at the top of a volcano formed when its magma chamber collapses
small hill or mountain made of ash, cinders, and bombs piled up around a volcanoes opening
cinder cone volcano
tall, cone-shaped mountain where layers of lava alternate with ash layers
composite volcano
gently sloping mountain formed by quiet eruptions
shield volcano
deposit of hardened magma in a volcanoes pipe
volcanic neck