An electrochemical pulse that moves long the membrane of a neuron
Nerve impulse
The protective coverings of the brain and spinal cord
The brain region that receives general sensations and relays impulses to a parietal lobe
The region of the brain that controls involuntary activities
Part of the neuron that receives nerve impulses and transmits them toward the cell body
The series of neurons that produces a single reaction in response to a stimulus
Reflex arc
The white fatty membrane that protects the neuron
Myelin Sheath
The part of the nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord
Central Nervous System
The part of the neuron with the greatest diameter; contains the nucleus
Cell Body
The junction between the axon and dendrite
The part of the brain containing motor and sensory centers: controls voluntary movement
Part of the brain that monitors and adjusts body activities
The gray matter of the cerebrum
Cerebral Cortex
Part of the brain; Relay center between spinal cord and brain; reflex center
Medulla oblongata
A rounded portion of the lower brain that relays information from one side of th brain to the other
The nervous tissue that conducts messages between the brain and the peripheral body parts
Spinal cord
The functional unit of the nervous system. The cell that receives and distributes nerve impulses.
The chemicals responsible for extending the nerve impulse from one cell to the next