A specialized cell transmitting nerve impulses; a nerve cell.
Part of the neuron with the largest diameter
Cell Body
multibranched fibers that project from a neuron
Fibers that carry impulses away from the cell body
the axons of most neurons are covered by an additional lipid layer called
myelin sheath
special cells that surround the axon
schwann cells
special structure at the end of the axon
Axon terminal
junction between two neurons
carry impulses toward the CNS
sensory neurons
consists of the brain and spinal cord
remainder of the nervous system that carries info between the CNS
brain and spinal cord is covered by three protective coverings called
is about 2% of the body weight
divided sagittally into two large irregulary formed parts
2.5-4 mm's thick but contains 12-15 billions of neurons
cerebral cortex

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