Anti-Histamine, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, depress CNS, well tolerated
Used for GERD and peptic ulcers, antacids
H-2 Receptor agonsist, all prevent acid secretion, do not treat if underlying disease
Proton Pump Inhibitor, acid peptic disorder, GERD preferred treatment
drug induced GI motility, constipation through muscarinic receptors blocks dopamine
laxative, easy defecation, bulk forming to absorb liquids
irritant cathartics
hyperosmotic cathartic, bulking softening, before barium or colonoscopy
anti-diarrheal, opioid like, and absorbant is pepto
anti-emetic for nausea and vomiting
Benzodiazapine, CNS depressants, produces sedation, relieves anxiety, used for short procedures, short seizures, induction of anesthesia
Benzodiazepines antagonist, reversal at GABA A receptor
Barbituates, sedative, anesthesia induction
Barbituates, for epilepsy, sedative drugs
Benzodiazapines, acute anxiety, long anesthesia, cerebral palsy, muscle relaxation
Benzodiazepines, status epileptics, anxiety, sedation, anticonvulsant, muscle relaxation, anesthesia
Bradykinesea, tremors, rigidity, postural instability
Dopamine Replacement, needs to be combined with carbidopa to get more % reaching the brain, in the striatum, best for advanced disease with significant symptoms
Dopamine agonist, direct stimulation of dopamine, early disease treatment with advances motor fluctuations, do not give pts with valve problems
Pramipexole, ropinirole, rotigotine, apomorphine what are these?
MAO inhibitors, prevent progression of the disease, early disease treatment, prevention of dopamine degredation, do not give if take demerol or antidepressants
COMT inhibitors, prevention of dopamine breakdown, ineffective unless given with L-Dopa, prolonging dopamine, liver toxicity, vivid dreams
Anticholinergic, muscarinic, prevention of dopamine breakdown, under 70 years of age with no gait issues or bradykinesia, do not give if cognitively impaired
Strong agonist, analgesic, cough supression, nausea, constipation, sedation, respiratory depression, vomiting, anti-diarrhea, chronic pain
strong agonist, used for replacement therapy in pts addicted to heroin, chronic severe pain
Strong agonist, more potent than morphine, anesthesia, analgesia, patches are for chronic pain

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