What did Amir decide to do when he witnessed his friend Hassan getting raped?
The name of the most evil villain in all Shakespeare.
How old was Mariam when she was forced to marry Rasheed?
Shakespeare's famous play about star crossed lovers
What sport did Amir and Hassan enjoy doing in Kabul?
What was Othello accused with when desdamona's father found out about her getting married with him?
Day of the week when Jalil would visit Mariam
Who did Romeo kill for him to get banished?
Who paid Iago to win Desdamona's love?
The movie Mariam wanted to see
What war was being fought in AQWF
In Life of Pi, what was the Tigers name?
What did Richard Parker and Pi stay on after the boat sunk?
What country did Pi finally land onto at the end of the book?
Did Jalil support the marriage between Mariam and Rasheed?
What was Hassan that made people spiteful towards Amir hanging out with him?
What was the name of the raper of Hassan
How was Hassan related to Amir?
What did Nana commit when Mariam returned home?
Where did Mariam stay the time she was at Jalils house?

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