Women and men who had been been slaves
Refers to the rebuilding of the South after the Civil War
Government pardon
A rival plan for reconstruction
Wade-Davis Bill
Became President after Lincoln died
Andrew Johnson
Laws that severely limited the rights of freedom
black codes
Wants to make drastic changes to society
From Pennsylvania, led the Radicals in the House
Thaddeus Stevens
Bring formal charges of wrongdoing against an elected official
Small scruffy horses
Fortune hunters hoping to profit from the South's misery
Clergyman and teacher. Nations first black Senator in 1870
Hiram Revels
Required voters to pay a fee each time they vote
Poll tax
Required voters to read and explain a section of the constitution
Literacy tests
Helped increase the number of eligible white voters
grandfather clauses
Separating people of different races in public places
The illegal seizure and execution of someone by a mob
He used new machinery to revolutionize production of tobacco products
James Duke
Editor of the Atlanta Constitution
Henry Grady
The 1876 Republican candidate
Rutherford B. Hayes