men and women who had been slaves
a goverment pardon
the reconstucting of the south after the civil war
10% of the southern voters had to swear an oath of loyalty to the United States
Ten Percent Plan
a rival plan for reconstruction
Wade Davis Bill
vice president who became president after Lincon was assassinated
Andrew Johnson
laws that severly limited the rights of freedmen
black codes
wants to make drastic changes in society
to bring formal charges of wrongdoing against an elected offical
the cheif radical republican in the senate
charles sumner
congress passed this over Johnsons veto and it also threw out the state government
Reconstruction act
small scruffy horses
fortune hunters hoping to profit from the souths misery
they farmed the land using seed fertilizer and tools provided by the planters
known as the KKK
Ku Klux Klan
tthey wanted the south to chnage as little as possible
required voters to pay a fee everytime they voted
poll tax
seperating people of different races in public places
the illegal seizure and execution of someone by mob
he made stirring speeches calling for the growth of a "new south"
Henery Grady
they trapped southern blacks in a hopeless situation
Jim Crow Laws
required voters to read and explain a section of the constitution
literacy test
it was passed so it could increase the number of eledigble white voter
grandfather clause
the nations first black senator in 1870
hiram revels
he led the raddicals in the house
thaddeus stevens