Deaf people are
Deaf people are also
Needs to be fixed
Deaf people are NOT this
Not Broken
Deaf people are not in a "wheelchair"
Not Disabled
Deaf people only have a different language that is it
#1 difference between ASL & English
Shorter Sentences
#2 ASL difference from English
#3 difference from ASL than spoken English
Facial expression
Facial Expression difference/importance #1
Body Shifting
Facial Expression is important when
Eye Gazing
this comes first in ASL Grammar than spoken English
The Object
the percentage of ASL has nothing to do with signing is..
is 3-D
1-D or Linear
Is "like" a movie
Is "like" the BOOK
ASL completes 1 sign as. .
Two spoken words
a parameter of ASL that allows much ....
the changes between "stamp" & "soup"
Palm orientation
the top of the head shows "dad" & the bottom; the chin is "mom"
Face, Placing the people by pointing left or right, the body markers are known as
None Manual Markers
when signing things such as "class" or "nothing"; the "" is important.
Hand Shape

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