After an attempt to kill this character, you fight a fiSh with a spear.
This is the name of a certain lanky skEleton's song.
The first fallen human.
The green soul has the trait of...
Temmie was created from a doodle of....
Temmie Chang
The font a certain indolent skeleton uses.
Comic Sans
This character has experienced death and is known for being malevolent.
The number of souls needed to destroy the magic barrier.
The name of a mellow animal's son.
The name of the indolent skeleton's song.
This character aspires to become the head of the royal guard and is obsessed with SPAGHETTI.
This character has a lying problem that NEEDS TO BE SOLVED.
Roses are red, violets are blue, this tiny monster appears to defeat you!
What is the best character in Undertale?
All of Them

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