a person with capital, or money, to invest,who interested in the profits that could be made fur trade..
one who carries out an enterprise
a unit of value equivalent to the value of one beaver skin used in the early days of the Canadian fur trade. a token representing the value of a made-beaver
made beaver
a place to make barrels and casks/ the work or business of a cooper.
mapping the edge of the land next to the sea
coastline mapping
a mixture of buffalo meat and fat
used to transportation for fur trade
a series of animal traps set by a trapper who checks them regularly
a person learning a trade or craft
a person who builds with stone abrick
special honour given by a king or queen or Great Britain
a wife married, after the customs of the country,which were a blend of both European and native people marriaage rites
country wives
to prepare raw furs for use
to dress
to make canoes and container,important necessary to the fur trade.
birch- bark
women to a very large extent made the fur trade possible,keeping both trappers and traders alive
a staple food made from ground corn , for women fur trade
native people who change the most ( a place) (the role of native peoples in the fur trade )
one who inherits a person who inherits or has a right of inheritance in the property of another following the latter's death.
who opened up the fur lands west of the Rocky Mountains.
Simon Fraser
the difference between the cost and selling price
fur traders were the leading edge of the wave,who later came to make Canada their home.
A First Nations people that lived along the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes area. By the middle of the seventeenth century, they had been defeated by the Iroquois, and scattered.
The skin of an animal with the fur still on it
A person, European or Aborigianal, who transported furs to and from fur posts. The word is sometimes used for coureurs de bois.
A person of both French and First Nations heritage. There were many French fur traders who married First Nations women and had families.
during the seventeenth century,who the most of the best fur trading areas were controlled b
native allies
To make money, or gain in some other way, from a business. A business that makes a lot of money is profitable.

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