People with food ___________ have an unusual sensitive immune system.
Substance produced by the body to attack foreign substance.
A factor that contributes to osteoporosis.
A disorder that prevents the body from producing insulin or from using the insulin that it produce.
Iron is a necessary part of _____________ in red blood cells.
People with _______ disease cannot digest wheat protein.
Heart _______ and stroke are common forms of cardiovascular disease.
Type of people who do not have a problem with iron deficiency except in rare cases during teenage years.
One of the three primary factors of heart health.
It is essential in moving glucose from your bloodstream to your cells.
This causes digestive discomfort for people in ways that do not involve the immune system.
Iron ___________ is a complex condition that is only detected until it reaches serious levels.
A bone disease in which there is a bone mass reduction through a loss of calcium.
Environmental and lifestyle factors are estimated to cause of as many as 80% of ________ in the world.
A waxy substance that is produced primarily by the liver.
A common symptom of heart attack.
A common form of a cardiovascular disease.
A component in foods mostly found in dark green and deep yellow or orange vegetables and fruit.
A state where rate of bone loss increases sharply for women.
A disease that is the number one cause of death among Canadian adults today.

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