The ability of the performer to retain their centre of mass over their base of support
A skill an athlete would need to win 50m sprint
How often you do a certain exercise
It is good to do this before and after any physical activity
The amount of force/strength used when training
The state of being physically fit and healthy
The amount of time taken to respond when a ball is thrown towards you
Reaction Time
The ability to move joints fully and easily through a full range of motion is
Muscular ______: The most weight you can lift or the most force you can exert at one time.
_____ composition refers to the ration of body fat to lean body tissue. Body
Muscular ________: The ability to use muscles for a long period of time without tiring.
The ability to change body positions quickly and keep the body under control when moving.
The ability to combine strength with speed while moving.
The ability of body parts to work together when you perform an activity.
The ______-related components of fitness contribute to being a better athlete
These components of fitness relate to a person's foundation of fitness and relate directly to improvements in _____________.
Working on your health-related components of fitness will help reduce the risk of _______________ disease.
The four station fitness workout you have performed twice so far this year is a way of developing this type of endurance.
Not getting enough of this can negatively affect your ability to develop your fitness.
What does Health Canada suggest as the minimum daily exercise time (in minutes) for children and youth?
Working on developing the components of fitness not only help your physical health but also your ___________ health.
To experience greater fitness benefits, it is important to get to this level of intensity.

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