What is concerned with the Human resource of an Enterprise ?
For effective running of an enterprise, what is essential between the employees and entrepreneur ?
Motivation through financial means is called _____ benefits ?
What ensures maximum utilization of resources ?
Controlling begins when establishing standards of what ?
What ensures effective performance and planned activities by subordinates ?
Production contain manufacturing, ______ activities and advisory activities ?
What is continuously needed for running a firm ?
Marketing plays an important role in _____ the successful running of a business enterprise ?
Who is appointed in an enterprise on the basis of their performance, skills and service ?
Entrepreneur carries out the whole set of activities of the business for its _____
Entrepreneur foresees a potentially _____ opportunity and tries to exploit it ?
An entrepreneur is a self-confident and highly _____ person and willing to assume the risk involved in his enterprise ?
An entrepreneur is the ____ of his business ?
It is the ability of a good _____ to discover a suitable idea that helps to develop profitable ventures ?
The entrepreneur will conduct a detailed ________ about the demand for his product in the market ?
After making sure that the idea is practical and profitable one, the entrepreneur will acquire some _______ , if he has invented something ?
The entrepreneur decides about the capital structure of the ________
____ helps in determining the course of action to be followed to achieve various entrepreneurial objectives ?
Staffing consist of appraisal and determination of employee's _______ ?
_____ is concerned with carrying out the desired plans with the support of proper instructions ?
Inspiring is the process of inspiring or influencing the ______ by satisfying their needs for the fulfillment of organisational objectives
For effective running and accomplishment of organisational goals , proper communication at all ______ is a necessary one ?
Supervising ensures maximum utilization of _______, to the proper and timely completion of work, and to correct the workers whenever they go wrong ?
______ involves the process of movement of goods and services from the producer to the consumer ?

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