The feasts and the __________ are one system.
The first four commandments are the covenant for the ________ of God alone.
Some may think that the word, "I will bring __________ on all the gods," refers only to the time of the Exodus. However, it applies at all times.
The Passover was not abolished but rather _____________ by the cross.
Thus, idolatry is not only the making of any image that is to be an object of worship, but also the making of other ______ against God's true ones.
Just as Jesus prophesied that an enemy, the devil, would sow _______ after He sowed the good seed—the gospel of the kingdom (Mt 13:24-30), the truths of life began to be obscured after the Apostolic Age.
The Passover is the core of the _______________.
Jesus gave us the regulations of the new covenant, through which our bodies are purified to become the "_________ of the Holy Spirit".
Jesus became all the sacrifices of the ________.
No one hates his own body, so if we become one in Jesus, we will love our __________ as ourselves.
The splendor in Rev 18:1-3 is the ______ of the truth of the Passover through Jesus' precious blood shed on the cross.
If a sinner touched the tree of life, he should be put to death by the ________________.
So, the Ten Commmandments were given as a substitues for __________________.
So to save His people, God gave them an absolute law that ______________ them life.
The new covenant, established on _____________, is really good news.
Zec 14:8 - On that day ______ water will flow out from Jerusalem, half to the eastern sea and half to the western sea, in summer and in winter.
Those in the new covenant worship God in the heavenly ________.
However, Jesus clearly spoke of the bread He broke in other times as food that ________.
In other words, the children of the promise are those to whom the promise was given through the prophecies before their ________, like Isaac or Jacob.
Mal 4:5-6 speaks about what prophet coming before the great and dreadful day of the Lord?
When we study the clear prophecies above, we will understand that this ________________ is the remnant of the woman's offspring.
As God poured out the ____________ upon the early Christians, He will also pour out the _____________ like fire on us so that we can be fully armored for a battle against the dragon when he is enraged at the woman and makes war against the rest of her offspring.
We should press on to ______ the Lord, which is the prerequisite for us to receive the Holy Spirit of the latter rain.
So, if God has made the _________ clean, as stated above, it is proved that the impure foods in their stomachs are also made clean.
There is no need to think beyond what is taught. We are just to follow the ________ of Jesus (Jn 13:15), without adding to His teaching or subtracting from it.