This fabulous lady in the finance team (her name rhymes with crazy- how apt) Has been promoted to office manager!
This team have been busy selling tickets across out various events, securing final speakers and doing lots of amazing social graphics to share the event info. They are also official sponsor for social media week Bristol taking place in November and will run an event from the Bristol office as part of this week long initiative. Project Uber is also now well underway and they are working closely with the team on the the proposed MVP. They are also sponsoring UXBristol and Drupal Camp Bristol so look out for them as they have some fun giveaways and promotions that they will be doing at the events to promote Nomensa!
This team have been looking after our lovely work experience boys. They would like to recognise Kirsty for absolutely smashing though G-cloud hell like a chame, writing what seems like a gazillion service descriptions! You go gurl! Happy 3rd Nomensa birthday to Andrew Grimes, 2nd to Carol and 4th to Paul!!
Human Resources
This team have done 7 live releases for IICSA, Ofgem, LFS, Careers Lab and HFH. A certain two members (Em and Andy) had a Drupal 8 Hackaton on Wednesday, building a infographics builder in Drupal 8 on the Drupal sandbox, which taught them loads about working with Drupal 8, and that they can build a site with is quite easily
Tech Team
This office’s testing lab has gone live !They completed successful user testing this week for L & Q. Their full suite of lab tech will be completed next week when L & Q come via Ireland. A certain lovely lady (Ana) is acing a report for CITB. They are also waiting to hear back from a Virging Media Pitch decision. Hint: Tim, Jason, Matt C and Pul were there this week.
London Office
As well as working tirelessly on the LG workshop this team have been working wonders in Team Innovate. They had an Inception day this week, they say Leo DiCap didn’t turn up but in my head he was definitely here. Erin and Sophie R are testing guru’s, both showing how amazing they are at this role again this week and massive client hits.
User experience
This office have had 2 days of workshops with Liberty Global. At this office Jon, Sam, Peter Kennaugh and Sally presented the UX Vision work and on the second day Sam and Charlie led the workshop to explore all possible future UX vision ideas and opportunities
Amsterdam office
This team have sent proposals to National Trust, Eurofound, npower, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Sky, ADP, Innovate
Bid team
This team have been working incredibly had for the last two years for Liberty Global which has all paid off as the workshop to showcase what we have helped them create wells incredibly!
One of the lovely work experience boys we had in this week
The other lovely work experience lad that we had in this week!
A certain fairy #everythinghetouchesturnstosold
The Nomensa Queen B

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