Federal health insurance program which covers senior citizens and disabled persons.
What type of Epic workqueue captures claims that failed the Claim Definition File (CDF)?
You can send a letter to a guarantor using what tool?
A payment structure where a caregiver is paid a set amount per patient in advance, regardless of how many services are provided.
Where do you update guarantor demographic information?
What stores charges, payments, and adjustments for a hospital encounter?
Hospital Account
What Holds account in the revenue cycle; can be placed manually by user or
An explanation of billing coded (CPT codes) to account for additional service such as ambulance transport, supplies and equipment. These codes are an alpha character followed by 4 numeric digits.
Where are documents, such as an insurance card or lab results, housed in Epic?
A form of error checking applied by the system. Automatically run at
What is the process of paying claims submitted or denying them after comparing claims to the benefit or coverage requirements.
Acronym for a centralized facility/location that monitors and collects the accounts receivable for an entity.
Minimum number of days between discharge and initiate billing
How many active tabs can you have open at a time?
What is used in Epic as a reminder to follow-up on an account in a workqueue?
What is a HAR’s status immediately following discharge?
What is the insurance liability bucket status when a claim has been released from Epic?
Universal Claim Form used for Billing
What is the HAR status while the patient is in the hospital?
A bill for healthcare service

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