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Cell Energy Crossword


Atom used to build the mass of a plant
Plants get the majority of their mass from the
Sweating is an example of an animal adaption to changes in their environment, or
Photo (in photosynthesis) means
Plants absorb this out of the air to do photosynthesis
Plants absorb this in their roots
Stored energy in plants
Waste gas released from plants
The ingredients in a reaction
What is made from a reaction
Occurs in both plants and animals
Photosynthesis and cellular respiration follow the Law of Conservation of Mass (T/F)
Waste gas released from animals
Chemical form of glucose
Animals release this waste molecule of cellular respiration in the form of urine.
Plants and animals use this from the air to do cellular respiration
Useable energy for plants and animals
The process in which animals break down food to get energy

Photosynthesis Crossword


The green pigment in plants that captures radiant energy
The process by which plants use energy from sunlight to produce glucose
Glucose is stored as ...
A small pore on the surfaces of leaves that regulate the flow of gases in and out of the leaf.
The gas produced as a result of photosynthesis
Part of the plant where photosynthesis generally occurs
The radiant energy is used to combine water and ...
Oxygen is used in plants and animals during ...
Water is absorbed by the ...
Glucose provides this type of energy to plants and other organisms

Biology study guide Crossword


What transports and modifies proteins?
whatdegrading and recycling cellular waste, cellular signalling and energy metabolism?
membrane bound organelles present in almost all eukaryotic cells Responsible for orchestrating cellular energy production?
what convert light energy into relatively stable chemical energy via the photosynthetic process?
provides tensile strength and protection against mechanical and osmotic stress?
helps maintain water balance in plant cells
controls and regulates the activities of the cell and carries the genes?
has two functions, decoding the message and the formation of peptide bond?ds
______ endoplasmic reticulum synthesizes lipids, phospholipids as in plasma membranes, and steroids
_______ endoplasmic reticulum produce proteins for the rest of the cell to function
the gel-like fluid inside the cell
helps cells maintain their shape and internal organization
regulating cell growth and movement as well as key signaling events
enable cell motility, contraction, and intracellular transport
large hair-like organelle that help movement
small hair-like organelle that are dotted across the surface of a cell.
serve as barriers and gatekeepers
What does DNA stand for?
a group of cells that have similar structure and that function together as a unit
e smallest unit that can live on its own and that makes up all living organisms
collection of tissues that structurally form a functional unit specialized to perform a particular function

Cell Structures Crossword

Cell Structures Crossword

the basic, functional unit of life
a tiny structure within a cell's cytoplasm that carries out a specific function
acts as a control center of the cell
an organism composed of one cell
an organism composed of two or more cells
any cell that possesses a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles
any cell that lacks a nucleus
outer layer of the cell that controls movement of materials into and out of all cells
tough but flexible layer outside the cell membrane in plants, fungi, bacteria and some protists; provides support and protection
in plant and algae cells; contain chlorophyll
gel-like substance that fills the cell
network of tubular passageways used in transporting proteins
stacked membranes that receive proteins from the ER and then processes and packages them
where chemically stored energy in food is released as ATP
made of RNA; where proteins form
contain digestive enzymes to break down food and worn out cell parts

Cell Crossword (Choice Board Project)


in 1675 he was the first person to observe
permeable boundary between the cell and the external
proteins made by the rough ER travel to the Golgi in sacks
biggest cell
smallest cell
degrade hydrogen peroxide and toxic compound that can be produced during metabolism
storage center of the cells DNA
converts energy stored in food into energy for work
gives temporary storage wastes water and nutrients
receives proteins from the rER and the distributes them to other organelles
plays a major role in mitosis
a support system for organelles, maintains cell shapes
the location of proteins synthesis
which piece of technology was instrumental in the development of the cell theory
boundary that surrounds the plant cell outside of the membrane
is involed in the synthesis of lipids and is not covered with ribosomes
intracellular highway
makes large amounts of proteins and covered in ribosomes
breaks down food particles
living things are made up of one or more (blank)
contains salt minerals and organic molecules
is chloroplasts in animal cells? (yes or no)
which scientist found that all plants are made of cells
are vacuoles larger in plant or animal cells?
the cell membrane is also called....

The Functioning Cell Word Search

The Functioning Cell Word Search
Word Search

selectively permeable
cellular respiration
cell specialization
active transport
white blood cell
carrier protein
daughter cells
red blood cell
cell division
cell membrane
muscle cell
nerve cell

Bacteria and Viruses Crossword


something that is difficult to kill
bacteria is prokaryote because it lacks a __________
division of bacteria into two equal parts
ideal conditions for bacteria reproduction
a virus needs this to reproduce
smallest pathogen
viruses inject this into a host cell
example of a bacterial infection
example of a virus
you treat a bacterial infection with this
viruses can be prevented with this
one way a virus can spread
a shape of bacteria
another name for single-celled organisms
another name for many-celled organisms
can be friendly or harmful to people and animals
the process of virus reproduction
part that helps bacteria stick to surfaces
structure that viruses and bacteria have in common
bacteria or virus that can cause a disease
a change to DNA

Biology - Keywords DNA Crossword


a microscopic gene-carrying body in the nucleus of a cell
The material inside the nucleus of cells, carrying the genetic information of a living being
inherited characteristics from parents and grandparents
a basic unit of living matter
the core of a cell
Genetic information that determines an organism's characteristics
Living entity, eg animals, plants or microorganisms.
A type of cell division which produces daughter cells identical to the parent.
The shape of the DNA molecule, with two strands twisted together in a spiral.
-the means by which DNA and RNA molecules carry genetic information in living cells
it acts as a messenger carrying instructions from DNA for controlling the synthesis of proteins

Body Systems Crossword


System that gives your body shape, support and movement
system that gives you movement
system that moves blood that contains nutrients and oxygen throughout your body
system that exchange gases oxygen and carbon dioxide
system that gets rid of cellular waste
system that converts the food we eat in nutrients that can be absorbed in the cells of your body
place were we make blood cells
important involuntary muscle that is key in the cardiovascular system
internal balance in your body and cells is called __________________
specific place in the respiratory system where gas exchange takes place

Cells Crossword

Cells  Crossword

Smallest unit of life
Inside the nucleus
Makes ER Rough
Animal cells do not have these
Fluid inside a cell
Threadlike proteins joined together
Unicellular Organisms
Multicellular Organisms
DNA stands for ________ acid
RNA stands for _______ acid
A large macromolecule