Mr. Hamon's favorite genre to read. (hint: it's magical)
Mrs. Brunnemer is from this handy state.
Mr. Arthur has a six year old son whose first name is similar to the last name of a famous musician.
Miss Kane trained for 15 years in this art that requires good footwork ...and even teaches it after school.
Mr. Hamon lived in this Central American country for six months this year.
Mrs. Brunnemer's favorite is unique and hard to spell.
Mr. Arthur coaches this sport during the fall.
Miss Kane's dad grew up in this lucky country.
The first name of Mr. Hamon's wife.
How many children does Mrs. Brunnemer have?
If you're quick you might know what Mrs. Brunnemer loves to do.
What instrument does Mr. Arthur play?
Do you have a blank space? Fill it with Miss Kane's favorite singer.
Taylor Swift
Mr. Arthur is no GIANT but neither is his favorite food.
Mr. Hamon's favorite superhero.
Mr. Arthur is better at this video game than all your teachers.
Call of Duty
During college Mrs. Brunnemer lei'd in the sun in this state for vacation.
This sport is Miss Kane's favorite to watch and play.
If you were to pick eXactly Mr. Hamon's favorite video game console, it would be...
In which city did Miss Kane work before she began teaching? (Hint: it will be popular this year).
Washington DC
Miss Kane is a big fan of which type of food?

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