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The Story of Jacob and Esau Crossword

The Story of Jacob and Esau Crossword

Jacob and Esau were the first pair of this in the bible
Rebekah loved Jacob and Isaac loved _________.
Rebekah started off ___________, meaning she couldn't have any kids
Esau sold Jacob this
Isaac instructed Esau to prepare him a meal so that he could _________ him before he died.
The name of the mother of Jacob and Esau
The bible says Isaac was "growing dim," which really means he was ________.
Jacob was a homebody and Esau was a _____________.
Rebekah oveheard her husbands plans to bless Esau, so she told her son _________________ to bring her young goats
Isaac prophesied that the elder child would serve the ______________ child.
In Jacob's dream, he saw a _______________ from heaven with angels ascending and descending on it.
Esau was so angry, he decided he was going to __________ his brother.

Grey's Anatomy Crossword

Grey's Anatomy Crossword

The name of the lead female character
His nickname is mcdreamy
Female cardio god
He beat up DeLuca
Her nickname was 'the nazi'
She was a model to pay to be a surgeon
He got hit by a bus
He was in love with lexie grey
She is bi-sexual and has a daughter named sofia
She is the best peds surgeon ever
He was chief of surgery in season 1
She was a surgeon and she had alzimhers
She is the daughter of Derek and Meredith and she's from Africa
She died in a plane crash
She is Merediths half sister and lexies sister
She's the product of Eilis and Richard
She was alex's girlfriend until he beat up DeLuca
He was cristina yangs first husband
He is married to ameila shepherd
She the new neuro god
She put her hand in a bomb cavity
He got his LVAD wire cut
She was dereks first wife
Merders baby boy

Outsiders Crossword Puzzle

Outsiders Crossword Puzzle

a type of clothing that only the Socs wear and the Greasers envy
she was only 16 years old when she wrote the story
Dally sent Johnny and Ponyboy to this city after Johnny killed Bob
the main theme in The Outsiders
these people have long hair and live on the East side
the oldest Curtis brother
he had a horse named Mickey Mouse
he used to live in New York before coming back to Tulsa
it's the one thing that both the Greasers and the Socs have
her hair was fiery red, and so ws her car
the title of the novel we are reading
it always happens between the Greasers and the Socs
Mrs. O'Briant called Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally this (hint chapter 6)
these people are rich, drive hotrods and live on the West side
Mr. Syme's students called him late at night and asked him about the theme he was to write about. His name is (hint chapter 12)
Dally loved this person more than anything
Bob drove this kind of car

The Odyssey Crossword Puzzle

The Odyssey Crossword Puzzle

The Greek goddess of wisdom and war
Odysseus' home
The name of the Cyclops that Odysseus blinds
The messenger of the gods
Odysseus' wife
Son of Odysseus
They have the body of a bird, the head of a woman, and lure men to their deaths with song
She lurks in a cave and eats sailors as they pass by
The number of sailors that the Scylla ate of the deck of the ship
The number of men that the Cyclops had for breakfast
A flowery fruit that makes you forget to go home
The suitor that is said to have a blacker heart than the rest
The dead prophet that Odysseus travels to the Underworld to see
The whirlpool with teeth that tries to eat Odysseus and his crew
The Test of the _______
The sea nymph that holds Odysseus as her love slave for seven years
Favorite weapon of Zeus
Personification of the sun
Goddess who turn Odysseus' men into pigs
God of the Winds
The Greeks sneak into Troy inside a wooden one of these
The only god who did not pity Odysseus
Substance that Odysseus put in his crews' ears so they wouldn't hear the sirens
Crew member that wanted to have a nice dinner on Helios' island
False name Odysseus gives to the Cyclops
Athena disguises Odysseus as this

Elisha Word Search

Elisha  Word Search
Word Search


Women of the Bible Crossword Puzzle

Women of the Bible Crossword Puzzle

The woman who was seduced by her own brother.
The woman who wanted more.
The woman wrongly opposed her husband.
Thw woman God took from the dunghill
The woman whose beauty resulted in adultery and murder.
The woman who betrayed her husband for silver.
The woman who was lovely but loose.
The woman of unique distinction.
The woman infamous for her harlotry.
The woman who was morepractical than spirtual.
The woman who tasted the cup of bitterness.
The woman who fell ot with her friend.
The woman who was a notorius murdress
The woman who lost a bottle but found a well.
The woman with beauty and brains but an unwise husband.
The woman had seven devils.
The woman who possssed a devilish spirit.
The woman whos sightseeing had fatal results.
The woman whose jealousy brought judgment.

Old Testament People Crossword

Old Testament People Crossword

She was a Jew and her husband wanted to kill the Jews.
He made the construction of the Temple.
He was thrown into a lion den.
Had Isaac at the age of 80.
This person asked God to marry a prostitute, but she wasn’t loyal to him.
She dies with her sons from a belief.
This person was one of the three men who didn’t bow down to a statue.
This symbolizes his ark and a rainbow.
This person was an appointed king.
She was the great grandmother of King David.
This man was first created in the book of Genesis.
She was made from Adam’s ribs.
He was sold to Eygpt by his brothers.
He spoke on behalf of Pharaoh
He was given strength from his long hair.
She was the wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob.
He was was a descendant of the royal house of Judah and Tamar.
He was ordered by God to sacrifice his son Isaac.
He anointed Saul as the first king of Israelites.
Had twelve sons and one daughter, had two wives named Leah and Rachel.
She was the wife of Jacob and mother of Joseph and Benjamin.
Elijah's successor as prophet of Israel.
Prophet who warned and punished King Ahab for his sins.
He authored the book of Kings and Lamentations.

The Taming of the Shrew Crossword

The Taming of the Shrew Crossword

The wild, rough and troublesome elder daughter of Baptista
He wants to find a husband for his daughter.
"By ________ __________, I am too young for you"
He has written many plays many centuries ago.
A nobleman.
A woman with a scolding or nagging nature.
She is a Goddess.
These nuts covered the floor of the original Globe theatre
Petruchio calls her by this name.
To be funny and humorous.
"Go, fool! Order your _________ about, not me.
By Baptista choosing her husband the marriage was __________.
She sees him as a type of sour fruit.
When flowers become old they are __________.

Roman Mythology Crossword

Roman Mythology Crossword

This god was married to his sister, but cheated on her with many others including another sister
Goddess, who was married to a serial cheater and usually took her anger out on her husband’s conquests
God who fought to have Athens as his own city but lost the fight
God who kidnapped his own niece to be his wife
This goddess created the seasons when she mourned her daughter’s loss
Zeus’ favorite child, she was born from his brain
He was a supreme deity of the earth and son of Semele and Zeus
This god showed souls the way to the Underworld
This goddess technically does not have parents, as she was born from sea foam
This god was detested by most and was the father of the Amazons
This god was thrown from Olympus by his mother and constantly cheated on by his unfaithful wife
This goddess killed the famous hunter, Orion
This god cursed a mortal woman that none of her prophecies would come true because she didn’t return his affection
This goddess was one of the virgin goddesses even though both Poseidon and Apollo wished to marry her
This centaur was the son of Kronos and he trained famous heroes
This guy took souls across the River Styx to the Underworld
Through trickery and misfortune, she became the queen of the Underworld.
This hero suffered because a jealous goddess made him go crazy, which led to him killing his family.
This hero defeated the Minotaur with the help of Ariadne
This hero saved Andromeda from a terrible fate.
This monster posed an impossible riddle to Oedipus.
This monster was confined to the labyrinth by Minos.
This monster was cursed for sleeping with Poseidon in a goddess’ temple.
This nymph was cursed for helping other nymphs avoid Hera’s wrath due to her husband’s conquests.
This handsome man was cursed, so he knew what it meant to love but not be loved in return.
This man descended into hell to retrieve his wife, and made it out alive, though he failed in his original mission
She was the first woman, created by the gods and was a gift to Epimetheus.
This hero went to war in Troy and when he finally arrived back home, his crew was dead and suitors were trying to marry his wife.
This woman became the first spider when she was cursed by Athena.
This monster could not die by having its head cut off as two grew back in its place, but it was killed by Hercules.

A Room for Elisha Crossword

A Room for Elisha Crossword

Tool used to build a room
Prophet teaching others about God
Elisha's servant
What was built for Elisha
What Elisha promised the Shunammite woman
How did Elisha heal the boy?
During his travel Elisha passed through what town?
Name an item put in Elisha's room
When asked what she would want the woman said...
Learning she would have a baby the woman was...