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Antebellum Social Reform Crossword

Antebellum Social Reform Crossword

He argued that the tax of education was cheap because the tax of a king would be greater.
She was kicked out of the Anti-Slavery Convention and her husband led the Seneca Falls Convention.
She was kicked out of the Anti-Slavery Convention and then went on to organize the Seneca Falls Convention.
This Convention was organized in 1848 and was organized by Stanton, Mott, and Anthony.
Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Stanton were kicked out of this convention because of their gender.
This word means the right to vote publicly.
This word refers to the time period in America before the Civil War.
A movement that aims to make changes to society, including Women's Suffrage, Education, and Alcohol.
She helped organize the Seneca Falls Convention with Mott and Stanton.
This amendment allows women full voting rights.
This date was when 3/4 of the state legislatures ratified the 19th amendment.
A former slave who became editor of the Rochester North Star.
The amount of women and men who signed the Seneca Falls Declaration.
The first state to grant women their right to property in 1849.
This was a religious movement that began in the early 19th century and made it possible for the women's rights, alcohol, and education movements.
The belief that alcohol is bad and that people should abstain from alcohol.
The problems the reformers of the Temperance movement hope to solve (3).
The result of the Temperance movement, also resulted in the prohibition.
The year when the 18th Amendment was added to the US Constitution.
People who were considered thieves and criminals, who pillaged villages and killed innocent people. They represented alcohol and everything that was bad with it.
The movement that changed schools so that every child could get an education, and so that there were grade levels, mandatory attendance, free schools, etc.
The changes made to schools during and after the Education Movement (3).

Point of View Level 2 Crossword

Point of View Level 2 Crossword

It was the first time I had ever seen the ocean. I couldn't believe my eyes it was so beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off of the blue water. Before I knew it, I was asleep and I woke up the most relaxed I have ever been.
The tombstone was in place, but there was a gaping hole where there was supposed to be a field of grass. "Oh, great," I said, "the body's been exhumed." Cliff looked at me curiously and asked, "What does 'exhumed' mean?" I pointed to the hole in the ground and replied with an irate tone, "Well, Cliff, there's an empty hole where the body is supposed to be. Based on the context of this situation, can you infer what 'exhumed' means?" Cliff shrugged his shoulders.
You are sitting on a sofa enjoying a drink when a man walks into the coffee shop. He is wearing dark sunglasses and a black suit. He sits right next to you. You find this odd since there are so many other open seats that aren't right next to you. You look at him suspiciously. He opens his briefcase and pulls out a manila envelope and hands it to you. You look at the envelope for a second before taking it from his hand. The man smiles at you from behind his dark sunglasses.
Diego looked over the edge. He thought about how far the ground was. The wind gusted. Whitney turned to him and said, "It's beautiful up here, huh?" Diego could not think about beauty. All he could think about was not falling off the edge. He said, "Yeah, Whitney, it really is beautiful. Hey, how long do you want to stay up here?" Whitney laughed and said, "Let's stay up here the rest of our lives!" Diego grimaced. He was afraid that this scenario was all too likely.
"She is your sister, and she is a part of our family. You will not treat her like that!" Mom yelled in the midst of her rampage. I can't explain why she was so mad at me. Maybe Sophia told her a lie. The truth is, I was so busy trying to keep my own activities together that I barely even noticed Sophia, or mom for that matter, but this was something new. "You walk around this place like a stranger apart!" Mom continued. I didn't even know what that meant. I didn't want to bother to think about it either. I just wanted her to stop yelling at me.
"Crash!" The sound of falling bowling pins fills the air. You walk to the counter and address the attendant. You mention that he has given you shoes in the wrong size. He politely corrects the error. You walk back to your party. It is your turn. You put on your shoes, find your ball, and approach the lane. You wait until the lanes are clear. Then you waddle up to the lane and roll the ball between your legs, grandma style. Your friends cheer. The bumpers ensure that the roll is devastating.
Larry held the fragile seed in his palm as though he were cradling a baby bird. He knew that the hopes of humanity very well hinged on this seed. He looked to Olga, his protector. She smiled at Larry. She was resting her heavy stone axe on her shoulder and watching him. Olga was happy to be taking a break from fighting, and she was even happier to see Larry take to his new role so well. "You are doing good, boy," she grunted at Larry. Larry smiled, pleased that she had said something nice for once.
Walter crumpled the business section of the newspaper. He couldn't believe the headline: "Zanogram Sold for 4 Billions Smackaroos!" He could recall starting that company with his partner Zap just a few years earlier. Now Walter had nothing and was riding the bus while Zap took bubble baths. The bus driver noticed that Walter looked distressed. He was genuinely concerned about Walter, but he had learned a long time ago not to pry into the fare's affairs.
You made a smart move when you bought your Super Fun Clay Fun Pack. You're going to love playing with Super Fun Clay. There are just a few rules that you need to follow when playing with your Super Fun Clay Fun Pack. First, only play with your Super Fun Clay Fun Pack on glass surfaces. Super Fun Clay will burn through carpet, wood, and stone. Also, you need to wear thick latex or rubber gloves when playing with Super Fun Clay. Super Fun Clay will burn off your skin even with brief contact. Just follow these two simple rules and you'll have lots fun with Super Fun Clay!
Jeremiah squinted from the sun. He was thinking about the game. They could have won. He could have won the game for them. All he needed to do was catch the ball, but he didn't. He dropped it. His coach talked to him. "Jeremiah, we had a great season. Nobody's perfect. Look at me. Ha ha," he said. Jeremiah smiled at the coach, but he couldn't forgive himself so easily.

Montgomery Bus Boycott Crossword

Montgomery Bus Boycott Crossword

An African American Woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus for a white man.
Passed Law's enforcing racial segregation specifically targeted at blacks.
The day Rosa parks refused to give up her seat and was the arrested and fined.
The first African American woman to not give up her seat but later found pregnant so she was deemed unsuitable to be apart of the message trying to be given.
The officer who arrested Rosa and did not allow her to use the restroom.
The day the Montgomery Bus Boycott started.
The day of Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination.
The day Rosa Park died in her home.
The day the Montgomery Bus Boycott ended.
A young pastor who lead the battle against segregation directly following Rosa's arrest.
Rosa Parks job that got taken from her due to her arrest.

To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle

To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle

the narrator of the story's nickname
the narrator's brothers nickname
the narrator's dad's full name
the boys nickname that came every summer
the man's last name who tried to kill Jem and Scout
the boys nickname who was locked up in his room
the woman who took the narrator and the narrator's brother to her church
the man's full name who was charged with rapeing a mans daughter
who accused a man of rapeing her
what was the narrator's aunt's first name
the old lady's last name who the children didn't fond being around
the state in which the story takes place in
the animal the narrator's brother was told never to shot
the author of the story
the county which the story takes place in
the last name of the family that lives next door to the narrator
the boy who scares the narrator and their brother on the way to the play
the narrator's teacher who told her to stop reading
the boy's full name who came to the Finch's house for lunch
the lady's last name who's house burned down
the name of the church that the Finch's go to with their cook
the Reverend's last name
the Judge's last name
the narrator's grandpa's full name
the narrator's aunt's grandson's first name

Othello Crossword

Othello Crossword

A name that Iago often uses to describe his hatred for Othello.
He tries to win Desdemona over with his riches.
The place were everyone is originally from.
The woman who is a foil for Desdemona.
This woman is married to an abusive husband, and is questionable about her loyalty to him. She also figures out that Iago is the villain.
The only character that dies a nonviolent death.
The character that Othello chooses over Iago for the lieutenant position.
The character that arrives to see how to conflict is resolved. He is also Desdemona's cousin.
This woman remains loyal to her husband. She is also known for her innocence and faithfulness.
The enemy of Venice. They get hit by a storm, and conveniantly moves the setting from Venice.
This island is important to the setting because it allowed Iago to mess with everyone's idle minds.
Desdemona's uncle. He brings the news of Brabantio's death.
Othello calls himself this phrase. It is a synonym of cuckold- a husband of an adulteress.
This character adds comedic relief in Act 3.
This character seeks revenge. When he is caught, he vows to remain silent for the rest of his life.
Desdemona sings this to foreshadow her death.
This object is a token of love that Iago uses to confirm that Desdemona is cheating on Othello.
Iago tells this character about Cassio's "drinking problem".
This is a symbol for jealousy.
The job Iago wants but does not get.
Cassio is mostly worried about this after the bar fight.
This is major theme in Othello. Iago uses this to succeed in his revenge plan on Othello.
Brabantio believes Othellos uses this to make Desdemona love him.

Black ships before troy Crossword

Black ships before troy Crossword

Who killed Hector?
Who killed Patroclus?
Who got the golden apple?
Queen of Sparta- married to Menelaus. She is the face that launched 1,000 ships.
the soothsayer said that he would be the ruin of Troy, so he was sent to the wilderness to die. He fell in love with Helen and she left with him.
High King
King of Troy
goddess of discord. she tossed the golden apple to Paris
deemed the most fair by Paris; took the side of the Trojans Promised Paris a wife as fair as himself
queen of the gods, married to Zeus. promised wealth, power, and honor to Paris
called the Thunderer, due to his symbol, the thunderbolt.
Queen of all gods
What did Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite fight for
Husband of Helen
What kills Achilles
Menelaus is the high king of
What animal is the statue that helps win the war
Achilles close friend who commits suicide
Paris’s homeland
Celebration after someone has died

The other Wes Moore Crossword

The other Wes Moore  Crossword

Where did Tony beat Wes up at?
What does kk mean
What did mary find in a shoe box in Wes's closet?
What did Wes have so much of that made his brother tony wonder what he was doing?
Where did Wes and his boys first smoke weed at?
What would Wes's sister Nikki dad do to his mom?
What did Wes do to his sister Nikki for his mom to yell at him?
Mary was the first in her family to begin what?
Wes's dad Benard was a?
What was the name of the term in the hood for a face like Tony?
What was the boy name that was Wes's first friend when Mary moved the family to this neighborhood?
What was Wes's friend name that they called " white boy"
Where did Mary move her family?
When Mary moved them to the Bronx she didn't want them them going to ?
Shani went out to play with one of her friends an come with all over her face

figures of speech Crossword

figures of speech Crossword

she is like a bird in water
he is bull seeing red
Three grey geese in a green field grazing
It's hot and it's monotonous.
It was so cold, I saw polar bears wearing hats and jackets.
he passed away
he large dog said, “Bow-wow!”
Santa’s helpers are known as subordinate Clauses.
Rub someone the wrong way
I now pronounce you man and wife
a car got stolen outside a police station yesterday
Earth is full. Go home

Conversion of Saul: Acts 9:1-31 Crossword

Conversion of Saul: Acts 9:1-31 Crossword

Saul was on his way to which city when Jesus appeared to him. vs 3
Name of the disciple in Damascus who went to Saul. vs 10
When Saul was travelling a _______ flashed from heaven. vs 3
Saul could see _______ after Jesus appeared to him. vs 8
After saul got his vision back he went was ________. vs 18
Saul afterwards proclaimed Jesus, saying "He is the ___ of God. vs 20
Saul was lowered out of damascus by a _______. vs 25
The Lord told Ananias that Saul was His chosen ________. vs 15
Jesus said, Saul would procalim His name to the ________. vs 15
Jesus said Saul "must ______ for My name's sake." vs 16
Where did Saul travel after Damascus. vs 26
By reading the scriptures, Saul _____ that Jesus is the messiah. vs 22
Saul talked and debated with the _____________ Jews. vs 29
The church enjoyed a time of ______ and was strengthened

Martin Luther and the Reformation Crossword

Martin Luther and the Reformation Crossword

A piece of paper for sale that was supposed to offer forgiveness of sins
A place to wait after death until your sins are forgiven and you can go to heaven
Some people believe that enough of these will get you into heaven
Jesus' __________ is the only thing that grants forgiveness of our sins
Martin Luther nailed 95 of these to the church door to encourage debate
Someone who criticizes the church and goes against what it teaches
To exclude from the church
The place of Martin Luther's birth and death
Martin's father wanted him to become a ____________.
Martin did not get to read this until he was an adult
An official statement from the Pope
To take back something you said
A book of questions and answers about Christian beliefs
A statement of beliefs
Acting right and being right with God
In Martin's time, people thought they had to pay ___________ to receive forgiveness of sins
"It is by grace you have been saved, through ____________." (Ephesians 2:8)
The Apostles' _____________ is an example of a confession of faith
Martin prayed to this saint when he was caught in a thunderstorm
Martin thought that be becoming a _________, he could finally receive God's love and forgiveness
What Martin Luther called his wife
Luther translated the Bible into this language
The time of change in the church that Luther helped bring about