How many cages should a pet parent purchase if they are purchasing two hamsters?
What type of fish needs 2 gallons of water per inch of fish?
gold fish
How many toys does a double cage of parakeets need?
We need 2 of these in a double finch cage? (2 words)
hay ball
Every small rodent needs to have this in their cage to help wear down their teeth? (2 words)
chew stick
Guinea pigs can not product their own? (2 words)
Vitamin c
All of our small furries are?
Every guinea pig must have this at all times to keep their GI tract working?
Guinea pigs should NOT be on a rabbit floor, because the wire mesh causes them to get?
What is vital for all reptiles?
We recommend small reptiles be on this, if they are under 6 inches long?
Can a betta go in a fish tank with other tropical fish (not another betta)?
What must be filled out for all small animal purchases? (3 words)
Pet sales record
How many days should birds be in the new arrival room once we get them in? (2 words)
Five days
How many days should small furries be in the new arrival room once we get them in? (2 words)
Three days
We clip parakeets wings when we sell the parakeet. Do we continue to perform this service for the PP?
Do we clip toe nails for guinea pigs in our salon?
All birds should have this in their cage to help trim their beaks? (2 words)
cuttle bone
All birds should have this in their cage to release stress and eat?
What bird should have a nest?
What is our return policy on the pets we sell? (2 words)
Fourteen days
Do you recommend that a guinea pig goes in a ball?
What is a great plant to add to a fish tank? (2 words)
Moss ball
One moss ball for every __ gallons?
What is a free service that we offer to all PP? (2 words)
Water test
What type of hay is recommended for adult guinea pigs?
Reptile branches should be within how many inches to the basking lights? (2 words)
two inches
All reptile habitats should have a humidity and a ___ gauge.
Should a gold fish go in a gold fish bowl?
If a pond is deep enough, can a PP leave the fish out all winter?

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