Chemical substances from food your body needs to live
Purified nutrient or nonnutrient substances that are manufactured or extracted from natural sources
Dietary Supplements
a substance that prevents or slows chemical reactions involving oxygen
The body's chief source of energy, coming mostly from plant foods
the form of sugar carried in the bloodstream for energy use throughout the body
A form of complex carbohydrates from plants that humans can not digest
Chemical chains that contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms
Fatty Acids
Fatty acids with odd molecular shape
Fatty Acids
Fatlike substance found in every cell of the body
Chemical compounds that are found in every body cell
the building blocks of proteins
Amino Acids
used to make a chemical compound the eyes need to adapt to darkness - found in orange and dark green fruits and vegetables
Vitamin A
Promotes the growth and proper mineralization of bones and teeth - found in eggs, liver, and fatty fish
Vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency can result in this
In humans this functions as an antioxidant - found in fats and oils, whole grain breads and cereals, liver, eggs
Vitamin E
Known as the blood clotting vitamin - found in leafy green vegetables and cauliflower
Vitamin K
Also known as asorbic acid - helps in the formation and maintenance of collagen
Vitamin C
a prolonged deficiency of Vitamin C
Known as Vitamin B - helps the body release energy from food - found in all foods EXCEPT fats, oils and refined sugars
Vitamin B2 - a member of the B-complex group - helps with the breakdown of carbohydrates
Helps the body produce normal blood cells - very important in the diet of pregnant women

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