A sequence of instructions suitable for processing by a computer.
The rules that govern the structure of language statements; in particular, the rules for forming statements in a source language correctly.
An error in the rules that govern the structure of language statements.
A program that runs in the context of a browser.
A program that runs when translated by a Java computer.
Binary digit. The smallest unit of information for data storage and transmission. Each bit is considered to be either a "0" or a "1".
A set of bits normally considered as a unit, it normally consists of eight bits and corresponds to a single character of information.
Hardware, software, or both, that allow a user to interact with and perform operations on a system, program, or other device.
A program that translates a program into machine code that can be converted into an executable program (an object program).
An ordered set of well-defined instructions for the solution of a problem in a finite number of steps.
Used to describe a complete data processing system, with the flow of data through clerical operations involved, down to the level of individual programs, but excluding such programs.

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