Skeletal System Crossword

a dense layer of tissue enveloping bones except at the surface of joints is known as what?
Bone Remodeling is also known as ___________
a viscous non-newtonian fluid found in synovial joints is known as what?
How many bones are in the body?
ligaments connects two ____
where is the Humerus located?
the Vertebrae is a part of what structure in the body?
The Skull, the Sternum, and Shoulder blades are known as what type of Bone?
What do short bones provide?
Red Marrow is also known as ___________
The Hip and the SHoulders are known as what type of joint?
The Clavicle is a Fancy name for what bone?
Phalanges are what?

Skeletal system Review Crossword

Skeletal system Review  Crossword

The skeletal system ______ internal organs.
Stores and releases salts of calcium and __________.
_________ body in movements
Participates in ________ cell production
Stores triglycerides in adipose cells of _________ bone marrow
Provides ________ to the human body.
unspecialized bone cells that are able to change into other type of cells
Bone-building cells
Mature bone cells
Remodel bones and cause them to release calcium
_______ skeleton that lies on the longitudinal axis of the human body.
_________ skeleton that deals with upper and lower limbs, pelvis, and pectoral.
What type of bone is your carpals?
What type of bone is your femur?
What type of bone is your patella?
What type of bone is your frontal bone?
What type pf bone is your vertebrae?
The process of bone formation
All bones consists of mainly 99% of this mineral.
Bone connected to shoulder joint and elbow joint.
Your thigh bone
kneecap bone
The bone we call our collar bone
Triangle shaped bone behind shoulder
Jaw bone
Finger bones are also called ______
bone that is on the thumb side of arm
bone that is on pinky side of arm bone
bone that holds your brain
________ bone is good at providing protection and support
________ bone is lightweight and provides tissue support
Main portion of long bone
both ends of bone at the joints. (proximal and distal)
region between diaphysis and epiphyses
thin layer that covers both epiphyses
connective tissues surrounding the diaphysis
hollow space within diaphysis. Houses yellow bone marrow
thin membrane lining the medullary cavity

Joints Crossword

Joints Crossword

Also known as a Fibrous Joint or immovable joint
Ball and ________ joint
The inner portion of articular capsule that secrets synovial fluid
A joint with little movement
A fibrous joint in skull is also known as a (ex: between parietal bones)
Type of synovial joint between the carpal and metacarpal of thumb
Sac-like extensions of the joint capsule that cushion moving structures
Movement that decreases the angle of a joint
Movement that increases the angle of a joint
A freely movable joint
Type of synovial joint between humerus and ulna
Type of synovial joint that permits movements between flat bones
Cartilage at ends of long bones

Bones and Joints Crossword

Bones and Joints  Crossword

How many bones are in the axial Skeleton
A "connection" between two or more bones
what type of bone is a humerus
What type of bone is a patella
What type of bone is a vertebra
What type of bone is the skull
Fibrous-ligamentous joint where only slight motion takes place
A fibrous joint where there is a peg in a socket type of structure
Joints between fibro and hyaline cartilage
Primary motion extension and flexion
Joint in wrist
Type of joint at knee
resists compressive and shear forces in articular surfaces
Bone density becomes weak and brittle
Non-vascular, Receives nutrients from synovial fluid
Point runs through a joint from front to back
Point that runs through a joint from side to side
Point that runs through a joint from top to bottom
What is between the Epiphysis and Metaphysis
thin fibrous membrane covering all of the bine but the articular surfaces
lie between the vertebral bones
thick, clear fluid
Small, padlike sacs found around most joints
partial or complete tearing of ligament fibers

Human body and movement Crossword

Human body and movement  Crossword

Which group of muscles located in the shoulder acts to support the joint during rotation movements?
What type of joint is the shoulder?
Name the function of the skeleton beginning with S
Which component of a synovial joint lubricates and nourishes the joint?
What type of joint is the knee?
What movement does the shoulder do?
What type of muscle starts with a H
What muscle is located at the top of the legs
Name one of Bo'ness that form the shoulder joint?
What bone sits in front of the knee joint?
What bones form the head and thee respectively?
What bone is in the head?
What bone keeps you upright?
Name one of the ankle joints
What type of joint is the elbow?

BONES Crossword

BONES Crossword

also known as the collar bone
an oval, bony case that protects the brain
lower jawbone
also known as the shoulder bone
also known as the breastbone
12 pairs of bones forming the wall of the thorax
uppermost and largest bone in the arm, extending from the elbow to the shoulder
series of small bones forming the backbone
smaller bone int eh forearm (lower arm) on the same side as the thumb
also known as the hipbone
triangular bone in the lower back
inner and larger bone inthe forearm (lower arm) attached to the wrist and located on the side of the little finger
composed of 8 small irregular bones of the wrist
bones of the palm of the hand
also known as digits, bones of the fingers or toes
also known as accessory bone or kneecap
larger of the two bones that formt he leg below the knee
smaller of the tow bones that form the leg below the knee
one of the three subdivisions of the foot
heavy, long bone that forms the leg above the knee
long, slender bones, similar to the metacarpal bones of the hand
hindmost bone of the skull
bones that form the sides of the head in the ear region
bones that form the sides and top of the cranium
bone that forms the forehead
skelton of the head
bone of the upper jaw

Skeletal System Vocabulary Crossword

Skeletal System Vocabulary Crossword

The most abundant cartilage type in the body; provides firm support with some pliability
Skeleton that includes the bones of the skull, vertebral column, and rib cage
Internal layer of skeletal bone
Large cells that resorb or break down bone matrix
Glistening white, double layered membrane that covers the external surface of bone
a break in a bone
Fibrous membrane at angles of cranial bones that accomadate brain growth in the fetus and infant
Freely movable joint exhibiting a joint cavity
Inflammation of the joints
Hematopoietic tissue
Type of joint where rounded end of one bone protrudes into a sleeve or ring composed of another bone
Band of regular fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone
Type of cartilage with abundant elastic fibers
Skeleton consisting of the bones of the upper and lower limbs, and the girdles
The elongated shaft of a long bone
Bone forming cell
Runs through the core of osteons
Osteomalacia in children
Bone joined without joint cavity
Flattened fibrous sacs lined with synovial membrane
A chronic inflammatory disorder of joints
Type of joint where articular surfaces are essentially flat
Type of joint wher the oval articular surface of one bone fits into a complementary depression of another
Most compressable type of cartilage
External layer of bone
Bone ends
Mature bone cell
process involving bone formation and destruction in response to hormonal and mechanical factors
Increased softening of the bone
type of joints where the articulating bones are united by cartilage
an elongated bursa the wraps around a tendon subjected to friction
Urate crystals in the soft tissues of joints
type of joint where a cylindrical projection of one bone fits into a trough shaped surface on another
Type of joint that resemble condyloid joints but allow greater movement
type of joint wher the spherical or hemispherical head o fone bone articulates with the cuplike socket of another

Skeleton in YOUR Body Crossword

Skeleton in YOUR Body Crossword

Another name for osteitis deformans.
Inflammatory arthritis
Arthritis in big toe.
Broken bone.
Bone loss disease.
Curved spine.
Skeleton system ______ organs.
Bones store this mineral.
Bones in spine.
Largest leg bone.
Bigger bone in lower leg.
Smaller bone in lower leg.
Largest arm bone.
Bigger bone in lower arm.
Smaller bone in lower arm.
Collar bone.
Shoulder blade.
Jaw bone.
Bones that protect heart and lungs.
Hip bones.
Knee cap.
Bones in fingers and toes.
Bones in wrist.
Bones in ankles.
Bones in hands.
Bones in foot.
Total number of ribs.
How many pairs of ribs?
Baby's soft spot.
Joining of skull bones.
Lubricates joints.
Abbreviation for Amylotrophic Sclerosis
Congenital deformity of foot.
Bone cavity.
Type of connective tissue.
Knee surgery with a scope.
Inner part of bones.
Picture of a bone.
Floating bone.
Dense connective tissue.
Bone growth.
Brittle bone disease.
Bone tumor.
Disease with bowed legs.
Curve of the upper spine.
Vitamin that helps with calcium absorption.
How many bones in the skull?
All the bones in the body.

Skeletal and Muscular Systems Crossword

Skeletal and Muscular Systems Crossword

Joint found in the shoulder and hip
type of muscle that is voluntary and striated
occurs when a bone is forced out of its joint
only type of tissue that is able to contract
flexible connective tissue that makes up our nose and ears
connects bone to bone
type of joint found in the knee and elbow
place where bones come together
connects bone to muscle
muscle tissue found in the heart
type of muscle that is involuntary; controls breathing, bp, and digestion
occurs when ligaments or tendons are pulled beyond their normal range
helps make red and white blood cells
front of the arm muscles
back of the arm muscles
protects the lungs and other vital organs

Head and Neck Anatomy Crossword

Head and Neck Anatomy Crossword

Large blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart
Also known as a joint
Lightweight spongy inner layer of bone
Tough connective nonvascular elastic tissue
Outer stronger layer of bone.
Fibrous joint like a tooth in the socket
Where two or more bones come together
Bone forming cells
Specialized connective tissue covering all bones
Tissues that anchor the periostium to the underlying bone
Masticatory mucosa covering the alveolar process and surrounding the teeth

Criss Cross Puzzle Crossword

Criss Cross Puzzle Crossword

attached to your skeleton
has 5 major functions
living structures
also known as periosteum
bones that are longer than wide
Hard dense bone
has small spaces like a sponge
soft connective tissue
produce blood cells
Stores fat that can be used later
allows one bone to rotate around another
move character all around
allows bones in the hand and wrist to glide
muscles you can control and move
muscles not striated and tire to move slowly
contact quickly and tire more easily
regulating blood pressure, digestion, and other internal functions
heart involuntary
complex living structures
stores needed minerals
pulls on the bone when it contracts
determines the shape of your body
the outer membrane
two or more bones meet a joint is formed
four types of moveable joints